Storage Sheds

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A barn style storage shed is often called a garden shed. A shed, which is typically simple, single-story structured and in the back garden or back yard is the garden shed. It is a slight structure built for shelter or storage. It is used as a workshop and can be attached as a 'lean-to' for a permanent building or separate. It is often with open front or sides. Sheds can be of various types depending on the complexity of their construction and their size. They vary from small open-sided tin-roofed structures to large wood-framed sheds with shingled roofs. Windows and electrical outlets can be attached to them.  Check out our wide selection of shed styles at The Fireplace Showcase.

Portable Restrooms MA

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Portable restrooms trailers have their own double-axle trailer and are delivered and set up by professionals in convenient and discreet areas. Portable restroom trailers are popular for outdoor or home weddings and are used typically when there is a need to offer a fancier, spacious, well equipped main toilet. These portable restrooms are designed luxuriously and are equipped with a lighted vanity and double sinks, heating and air conditioning, overhead lighting, a stereo system, and in some cases, baby changing stations, which make even the choosiest of guests feel comfortable. These units are an ideal solution for larger events and because they reduce lines and add a touch of elegance.  This restroom facility is the perfect way to add convenience, comfort and style to any large gathering.

Keep in mind that for small scale functions or events we offer a single mobile restroom. These units offer a flushable toilet, and wash basins with hot water. You can count on cleanliness, quality and service from Northeast Sanitation for your very special event. Call us today.

Septic Tank Pumping

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A septic system is an underground wastewater treatment system that is used to dispose of household wastewater. If you have a septic system, maintenance is required to keep it running efficiently and this includes having your septic tank pumped regularly. How often you get your septic tank pumped depends on the size of your tank, how many rooms are in your house, and the number of people living there. It is recommended that you have it pumped every 1 to 3 years. The more a tank is used, the shorter the time should be between tank pumping. If you're unsure of when your tank needs to be pumped again, call Northeast Sanitation and we will help you determine what schedule is best for you based on the above factors and the septic system codes in your area.

Following a few easy maintenance tasks and having your septic tank pumped regularly will preserve your septic system for 20-30 years. Having to replace your septic tank is extremely expensive, so avoid it by properly using and maintaining your septic system. Northeast Sanitation will pump your septic system and they will also help you maintain that system by sending you future reminders to ensure that you are on the proper septic tank cleaning schedule for your home.

Why Basements Leak

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Basement Leaks - MA, RI, CT, NH

Most basements leak because there is or are either vertical-step or horizontal cracks on the outside of basement walls through which water enters and gets onto your floor. Water/moisture will also enter the wall through and around where gas lines, electric lines, and plumbing enter the wall below ground. The only way you will completely keep all water from getting into the wall is to have these openings correctly sealed and backfilled on the outside of your foundation (basement wall). If you only have 1 crack then that is all you need to fix on the outside. You only need to waterproof about 5 linear feet on the outside.  You most likely do not need the entire wall done or all the way around the house done as some companies will try hard to sell you. Basements leak because there are"direct openings" into the house on the outside of the house and you have to go to the outside to seal them, not inside unless you use the A-1 Foundation Crack Repair method. An inside water diverting method (jackhammer,drain tile) ONLY diverts water that has already entered the wall to under the floor. It doesn't stop water from entering walls. Therefore it cannot stop or prevent mold/efflorescence from growing on your wall or behind your paneling/drywall. The A-1 inside/outside method done correctly will!

Portable Toilets Consideration

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Portable toilets- there is plenty to consider - MA, RI, NH

You need to consider some important factors when you are renting portable toilets for an event. When you are trying to determine the minimum amount of provisions, think about  the length of the event, the estimated food and fluid consumed by those attending, and if you need some provisions for children, elderly, or disabled people who tend to take longer to use a facility.

For Municipal events, the maximum acceptable wait time for a portable toilet is a line of ten people. If alcohol is served, it is recommended that you increase the number of portable toilets by 15%. Also, one disabled unit per every two hundred people should be provided. A disabled portable toilet unit is a large restroom which can be used by people in wheelchairs and is ADA compliant.

For all of your municipal portable toilet needs, please contact Northeast Sanitation, your expert in sanitation facility rentals.