Dental Implants Are The Natural Solution

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What exactly is a dental implant? What is the difference between dental implant and dentures? Well first there are basically two types of implants. Those that sit on top of the jaw bone, but under the gums, and those that fit into the jawbone similar to the root of a natural tooth. Each type offers solid, non-mobile support for replacement teeth which act and feel like natural teeth. Since both types are attached to your jawbone they can provide distinct advantages over traditional methods of replacing missing teeth. Implants restore proper chewing function and so you can enjoy foods previously too difficult to eat. Dental implants allow you to feel confident that your replacement teeth won’t move or loosen. This natural solution is the closest thing to the look, feel and function of your natural teeth. No more using those gooey adhesives. Unsightly partial denture clasps place damaging pressure on remaining natural teeth.
With dental implants, irritated and painful gums will be eliminated. Some people have had speech problems with dentures; dental implants can improve your speech by eliminating or reducing the fullness of full or partial dentures. Replace missing teeth with the look and feel of natural teeth without having to cut down healthy teeth. Dental implants help stop the progressive bone loss and shrinkage of your jawbone by mimicking the roots of natural teeth.

With their ability to improve the quality of your life and health it's easy to understand why they have become the accepted alternative to traditional methods of replacing missing teeth.

Guests Suites for Your Out of Town Guests

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Hello Walden Pond!

We enjoy making life easier on our residents by adding new amenities. As of today, Walden Pond has two new fully furnished 2br 2ba guest suites in the apartment community.

Tell your family and friends before they plan their next visit to Lynchburg to skip the hotels and stay in your premiere apartment community. Your guests will have access to all the same great amenities you do during their stay. Even better, when you and your guest are making plans you don’t have to pick them up from the hotel; they can just walk across the apartment complex. For only $87 per night or $1,650 per month your guest can enjoy the same comfort and amenities you have access to everyday. Call our leasing office today to make reservations. Book early to secure your room.

Compare Our Rates to Local Hotels

FREE Whitening Contest

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Do you want to win a FREE in-office teeth whitening?  Just click on the link below, to fill out a quick survey and you'll be entered to win a FREE whitening at Dream Smile Dental (!


Elevator Pit Leaking

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Elevator Pit Leaking? Call A-1

If you are experiencing an issue with water in your commercial elevator pit or industrial elevator pit, A-1 Foundation Crack Repair is your experienced elevator pit waterproofing solution. We deal with all sorts of leaks and specialize in waterproofing, whether your basement needs repair or your elevator pit. Our experienced elevator pit waterproofing team uses the proven A-1 method to help seal your elevator pit from damaging water caused by leaks in the foundation of your commercial elevator pit. If elevator pit water is present in your building, contact our experienced elevator pit waterproofing team today.  We service Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire areas.

Refinishing Your Cabinets Can Equal a Big Return on Investment

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If you have cabinets built 20 to 30 years ago, chances are they are higher quality than what you can buy today. If your cabinets fit into this age bracket, they are square and plumb, it makes more sense for you to refinish and improve what you already have rather than spending big bucks starting from scratch. On the other hand, if you have rusty metal cabinets, cheap particle board cabinets, or have structural issues like unlevel floors causing your cabinets to warp, refinishing isn't a good idea and replacing might be your best option.

Refinishing your cabinets can have great return on your investment if you are planning to sell your house. You can make or break someone’s buying decision with your kitchen interior, and if you have a nice layout chances are they will be more interested in buying. Even if you aren’t about to sell your home, refinishing your cabinets is a great return on the aesthetics. Giving your home a new look makes it more clean and positive feeling. Refinishing cabinets isn't rocket science but it is tiring and dirty work. A lot of time and energy is spent on refinishing if you don’t know what you’re doing, so let the professionals at Kenneth C. Lewis take care of your cabinets. We can give you that fresh new look and save you money in the process.