A Trip to the Dentist Could Save Your Life – VELscope

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On Friday, October 1, the VELscope system will be featured in a story about oral cancer detection on the extremely popular "The Dr. Oz Show".  The theme of the show:  "A Trip to the Dentist Could Save Your Life."
As you may know, Dr. Mehmet Oz came to fame as a result of his frequent appearances on "The Oprah Winfrey Show".  His popularity and credibility became so great that he now has his own show, which is syndicated nationally in the U.S. and is shown on CTV in Canada. 
Long time VELscope user Jonathan Levine, D.M.D., P.C. appears with Dr. Oz. They discuss in detail the sobering facts about the incidence of dangers of oral cancer and the need for earlier detection.  Dr. Levine then explains the advantages of the VELscope and demonstrates it on a patient.  
With recent publicity surrounding Michael Douglas's announcement that he has been diagnosed with Stage 4 oral cancer, public awareness of the need for earlier detection of this deadly and disfiguring disease is at an all-time high.  Interest in oral cancer screenings--particularly with a VELscope system--should skyrocket following "The Dr. Oz Show" airing.
This development comes on the heels of yet another honour for our life-saving technology.  The World Health Organization (WHO) recently recognized the VELscope as an innovative device that addresses global health concerns.  In 2009, the WHO Department of Essential Health Technologies had challenged the scientific and business communities to identify and develop innovative technologies to address global health concerns.  This summer, following months of evaluation, the organization officially recognized those innovative medical devices, either existing or under development, which address global health concerns and which are likely to be accessible, appropriate and affordable for use in low- and middle-income countries. The VELscope system was one of only eight devices to be so honoured, and the only dental device.
I would also like to call your attention to our dramatically enhanced website, www.velscope.com.  One of the key features of our website is one that invites visitors to "Find a VELscope Practice".  All they have to do is enter their city and/or state or province, and they'll get a list of all VELscope practices in area. We expect this feature to get a lot of use starting this Friday!
I would like to both thank and congratulate you for your foresight in investing in your VELscope system, and for all you are doing to provide the best possible oral health care for your patients.

Physical Exercise Keeps Your Brain Healthy

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We know that mobility and physical activity promotes mental health.  Studies indicate a relationship between aerobic exercise and enhanced cognition, learning, and even alleviation of mood disorder. This s why we work so hard to increase and vary the activities for residents of Spring Arbor and The Oaks assisted living communities.  Today, let's discuss some of the scientific reasons these efforts are so valuable.

Animal studies have demonstrated a link between cardiovascular exercise and new brain cell development (neurogenesis) in the hippocampus, a structure critical to learning and memory. Dr. Fred Gage and colleagues have begun to describe the underlying mechanisms of this relationship between physical exercise and brain morphology and function. By manipulating levels of specific proteins in the brains of mice it has been determined that this can have an effect on control of stem cell division which can lead to development of new neurons. The medical community believes with advanced age stem cells become less responsive.  Our staff understands this and it serves as a motivator to keep all of us moving, both staff and our dear residents alike. 

One protein known as bone-morhogenetic protein or BMP seems to reduce the activity of these stem cells and may fuel adverse effects of natural aging.  However, exercise seems to counter some of the deleterious effects of proteins such as BMP according to Gage. Mice provided access to a running wheel had 50% less BMP-related brain activity within a week (a positive thing). The mice also demonstrated an increase in another protein known as “noggin” that acts to block BMP. Noggin helps mice perform better on cognitive tasks such as maze learning.

So what does all this mean to you?  It means simply that exercising and staying active is the best way to sustain the health of both mind and body. These findings underscore the importance in humans to be physically active by walking, jogging, swimming, biking, etc. This is why Spring Arbor Living goes to great lengths at all of our Alzheimer's assisted living care centers to keep our residents mentally and physically active

Giving Your Old Furniture a Second Life

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Kenneth C Lewis provides professional furniture restoration services....and we do it well!  If you have older furniture in your home and you are tired of it, you can revive it by giving it a new look and a new purpose in life. Frequently, these older pieces of furniture get stuck in closets and attics and are all but forgotten, however with just a little imagination, and help form us, you can put these well-built and sturdy pieces of furniture to work for you in other places in your home. If you have a contemporary home, re-purposing a single piece of vintage furniture and adding it to your space can create a beautiful focal point for your room. By re-purposing an old piece of furniture not only are you making your room beautiful, but you are also doing your part for reducing waste and living green.

If you are working with a piece of wooden furniture, you are probably working with a surface that is less than perfect. You can fill divots with wood putty before painting, or you can embrace the distressed look of the piece. Your imagination really is the only thing holding you back. For example, we can take a simple forgotten little dresser and turn it into an eye-catching vanity for your bathroom. With a multitude of  refinishing techniques (just one of the reasons to trust Kenneth C Lewis), we make your piece of furniture brand new. If you like the old antique look we can spruce it up a bit and return it to its glory, while still looking vintage.

Once we restore or refinish your furniture, move it to a new location.  (By the way, don't forget that we provide kitchen countertop refinishing services and kitchen cabinet refinishing services).  You will be surprised at how much change it can bring to your home if you just simply move pieces around. If you have an old dresser in your bedroom that you are no longer using, why not re-purpose it as a buffet in your dining room. Not only will it look great, but it will also add storage and function to your dining room. And, if you have a mismatched chair in your dining room, why not bring it into the bedroom and use it at your vanity table. You can also use old dining room chair to make interesting side tables for your bed. They can add symmetry and interest to your bedroom space, especially if you do not have a headboard.

Contact us today to find out what endless possibilities your old furniture can have in store for you. Take a look at our popular finishes and see which one would be best for you, we will gladly work with you to choose the perfect refinishing job for your home.

Test Drive The 2011 F-150 Ecoboost – Even BEFORE It Hits The Market

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Ford will put some 20,000 people behind the wheel of the new 2011 Ford F-150 months before the vehicle arrives in dealer showrooms so they can see for themselves how its all-new powertrain lineup – including the much-anticipated 3.5-liter EcoBoost – performs and how F-150 stacks up against the competition.  The Ford EcoBoost engine will be available in 90 percent of the 2011 Ford F-150 lineup.

The Built Ford Tough Roundup, a comprehensive drive program for consumers, Ford fleet customers, and dealership sales staff, will travel to seven cities throughout the country between now and November.  Additionally, Ford will offer drives of its full car and truck lineup to fair-goers at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas next month.

We know that once people get into the 2011 F-150 and experience the four new engines that they are really going to be sold on them. Some of our dealers had a chance to drive it and one constant feedback was ‘Wow!’ Customers tell us they’re really impressed with the specs of the new engines – including best-in-class horsepower, torque, trailer tow and fuel economy – but they want to get behind the wheel and compare it with the competition. Of course we invite you to come test drive any of our 2011 Ford vehicles such as the 2011 Ford Explorer, but call us about when and where to see the 2011 F-150. 

Participants who sign up for the F-150 Ecoboost drive experience at www.driveF150.com will be able to test drive the new 2011 F-150 and compare the power to competitive vehicles in an acceleration drive, which is set up like a drag race. They’ll also be able to see for themselves how the EcoBoost engine performs towing a trailer.

From this site, consumers can “share” the link on Facebook and write about it on their wall. Additionally, the public registration link can be accessed directly through Ford's Facebook. It is a great opportunity for people to experience how the new F-150 compares to the competition in back-to-back drives and do things they would not be able to do easily in a dealership test drive. In addition to the drive activities, there will be plenty of information on display with product experts on hand to answer questions, as well as activities the whole family can enjoy including a remote-control F-150 SVT Raptor race course and a bounce house for the kids.

The first drive event was held at the Dallas Texas Motor Speedway on Sept. 24-25. Other cities include Houston, Atlanta, Orlando, Los Angeles and Aberdeen, Maryland. So four our Ashley Ford friends traveling the US, keep these locations in mind. Of course, stop by anytime to discuss the new F-150 Ecoboost and when you can expect to see one right here in New Bedford.

Get A “New” Fireplace By Re-Facing Your Old

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When living in any home for years (or when moving into a new home) certain things about the home will naturally bother you.  For example, that dated fireplace begins to scream at you but your ears tend to tune it out for fear of a huge expense associated with replacing the eyesore.  Acquiring a modern and attractive looking fire place is actually quite affordable with The Fireplace Showcase re-facing products and services.

Re-facing the fireplace involves using different fireplace accessories on the exterior face of the fireplace. Our professionals create a high-end elegant look with marble slabs, a modern look with concrete slabs, or a Craftsman look with small tiles in different shades and complementary woodwork. You can either add a mantel or remove one. You can change the shape or the size of the mantel to provide different proportions to your fireplace. Another option is to sheetrock or plaster parts of the fireplace. If the mass of the fireplace is too much for the room, you can reduce it by adding sheetrock or paneling to the exterior. There are even veneer stone and brick materials that are fairly easy to apply that can give your fireplace a very traditional look.  Finish it off with new fireplace glass doors.

The important thing to remember when re-facing a fireplace is to understand your local code. Combustible materials such as wood mantels and paneling must be kept a certain distance from the firebox (generally 6 inches or more). The building code also limits how far these materials project from the face of the fireplace, how large the hearth extension must be, and so on. Codes vary around the country - it is important to evaluate your project relative to the codes enforced in your area.

This is a good project to invest in if you are unsatisfied with your current fireplace. Let us evaluate your fireplace and give our expert opinion on which option is best for you and your fireplace at home.