Loan Modifications, Negative Equity and Short Sales

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...By Kiley Black

Negative equity is the term that describes the situation of having a home that is worth less than your mortgage. In layman terms, you are upside down on your home. Negative Equity is the result of the boom and bust cycle of the housing market. If you find yourself in this situation, you have a few options which consist of a short sale, foreclosure, loan modification or a deed in lieu of foreclosure. If you do not have the resources to sell your property, meaning you do not have enough money in the bank to make up the difference between what is owed and what you can sell the home for, your options are more limited. However, if you have the resources, if you have money in the bank, you can go the closing as a seller with money. In this way your credit can remain unaffected.

A loan modification is when, as the homeowner, you find yourself unable to make your monthly loan payment. You can work with your lender to get the loan modified, or lessened. This does affect your credit rating. Loan modifications show up as late payments, but you will be able to stay in your home.

A short sale is when your lender agrees to accept less than they are owed for an outstanding mortgage loan. A bank would much rather agree to a Short Sale than foreclose on a home.
No matter your situation when you have an upside down mortgage, you need a real estate attorney who is well versed in these procedures. Contact Black and Buono today.

NSC Restrooms Wants You to Remember Road Safety

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There is so much road construction and bridge work being done these days in Massachusetts. NSC Restrooms is providing the portable restrooms for the road workers in many cities and towns around Boston. By having the portable restrooms in the construction zones on the roadways, the safety of the highway department employees is that much more ensured. NSC has been invited to be the provider of these portable toilets because of the safe way in which they transport, install and maintain their porta potties. With this in mind, NSC restrooms would like to remind you to drive safely on the roadways while winter driving, and especially in areas of road and bridge construction.

Black Friday is the traditional “kick off” for the holiday shopping season. Not only is the holiday season fast approaching so is winter and the inclement weather. Snow, sleet, and icy conditions will add to an already hectic time of year for many. Combine long work hours, fewer daylight hours, add a snow storm, and you have the ingredients for increased stress and poor judgment in some cases when driving.
Please, remember to drive safely and consider the following when out and about this shopping season.

  • Never tailgate a commercial vehicle. You must be able to see both side mirrors of all commercial vehicles, this ensure that the driver can see you.
  • In stop and go traffic, commercial vehicles leave space between the vehicles in front of them. This space helps to compensate for the added weight with which these vehicles operate. Compared to the average automobile, large commercial vehicles require a significant amount of distance to stop. Resist the urge to cut in front of these rigs and especially in poor road conditions.
  • And lastly, please obey the reduced speed limits in road construction zones. Remember all these road and bridge workers have families who want them home for the holidays.

Taking Care of The Most Important Part of a Home

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What most people fail to realize is the most important part of a home; the roof. And regular maintenance of it is prudent if you are going to keep it intact.  Are you witnessing leaks and/or visible damage and are wondering whether to replace or repair the roof? Well have no fear, the professionals at SB Roofing Services can help you with your decision below:

The lifespan of any given roof swings wildly.  Poor solutions may not last 10 years. Some come with limited guarantees of 30, 40, or 50 years.  Shingles are the most popular roofing solution.  They are also the most cost effective.  Composed of many types, shingles are available in an assortment of colors, brands and styles.  Choosing the right shingle for you and your environment is based on many different factors

Regardless of how bad of shape you think your roof is in, you may not need a replacement at all. We can also assist in helping you avoid costly replacement and extending the life of your existing roof. We offer multiple roof services to include replacement, repair, roof inspections, and general preventative roof maintenance.  And we will repair your shingles with higher quality products than you have now and with the exact color to match.

We appreciate and respect the trust that is provided to us when working on one of the very most important aspects of your home. The bottom line, we install or repair every roof as if it was our own. If you have any questions at all about roof inspection, repair, or replacement feel free to contact us for a free no obligation estimate!

Are You Looking for Gifts for Men? The Looftlighter

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West Sport has great gifts for men. If you are looking for something unique, different and useful, look no further than the looftlighter. This electric fire starter is the fastest, cleanest, safest, and easiest method for lighting your barbeque grill or wood fireplace. No more trying to figure out how to light a charcoal grill. With the looftlighter, you simply plug it in, then touch the nose of the lighter to the wood in your fireplace or the charcoal in your grill. You will see sparks in 15 seconds, and your fire will be lit in less than 60 seconds.

If you love grilling on charcoal, but hate to wait for the grill to light, the looftlighter is the perfect choice. No more lighter fluid, and no more waiting! Be grilling in minutes! Whether tailgating, grilling in the back yard, or lighting the fire in the living room, the looftlighter is the best choice for the men on your holiday gift list.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss Is easily Preventable

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Ten million Americans have already suffered irreversible hearing damage from noise and another 30 million are exposed to dangerous levels of noise each day, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD). Assisted Living facilities such as Spring Arbor Living can offer help and preventive care for elderly who have trouble hearing.

How can we avoid noise induced hearing loss? The rule of thumb, according to NIDCD, is to be wary of noises that are “too loud”, “too close”, or last “too long”. When exposure to potentially dangerous noise is unavoidable, noise induced hearing loss can be prevented by using effective hearing protection such as earplugs, earmuffs or headsets. Watch for symptoms of hearing loss, including sounds that appear distorted or muffled a ringing in the ears, a feeling of fullness in the ears and difficulty understanding speech. Any of these signs signal that a hearing test is essential.

Today’s hearing aids are smarter, smaller and more comfortable than ever before. With proper professional hearing care support, they can benefit 95 percent of all those with hearing loss. However, there is no substitute for prevention, and noise induced hearing loss is 100 percent preventable. Our facilities and professionals can recommend and provide the appropriate hearing protection. Contact us today to find out more, or if you have any other questions.