Kenneth C. Lewis Granite Tiles Are An Unbeatable Quality

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When you purchase granite tile for your kitchen counters from Kenneth C. Lewis, you get unbeatable quality. But what does this mean? To start it means you get only the finest granite tile but on top of that we hand inspect every tile.

If you purchase tile at a big box home improvement store, do you know what to look for when you check your tile? At Kenneth C. Lewis we do. Every tile is checked for color, to be sure all of the tiles we ship to you match perfectly. Granite tile is natural stone. That means the color varies. Our inspections ensure your counters will have tile of a consistent color. We also inspect each tile for imperfections, scratches, grain and damage. Sometimes the imperfection can be so slight that the untrained eye will not notice except it won't look quite right once it's installed in your kitchen.

At Kenneth C. Lewis we're the experts. Every tile we ship is individually inspected and that means you get unbeatable quality when you buy your granite tile from us. Every step of our entire process is driven to perfection. If you want the highest customer service and customer satisfaction levels, contact us today.  We are eager to turn your vision into reality.

Stay Healthy During Winter Workouts

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Unwanted Gift of Calories? Drop them in the New Year!

You made a plan to watch what you eat and not be temped by the culinary superpowers of your family members. But once the birds started cooking and the pies came out of the oven, you knew you were going to lose this year’s battle to maintain your satisfactory waistline.

Don’t worry; you are not the only one haunted by the ghosts of holiday calories past. When you spend an entire year being strict on your body, it’s OK to give in to the sugar-frosted, oven-baked, buttery, steamy goodness of home-cooked holiday food. However, now that a New Year is right around the corner, you can resolve to get fit again. Abberly Place can help with not one but two advanced Fitness Centers for your workout convenience.

Beginning your workout routine at the start of the New Year is a common and great idea, but keep in mind that it is still only the beginning of winter. Just like during warmer seasons, use caution when working out in cold weather conditions.

  • Dress in layers when walking from your apartment to the Fitness Center. Cold air on bare, sweaty skin is the easiest way to get a fever. Invest in some stylish winter workout attire so you’ll not only want to go to the Fitness Center more often, you’ll look good while you’re there!
  • Clean your weights or  machines before and after you use them. Winter is cold and flu season, and even though the Fitness Center is maintained regularly, many of your neighbors are probably sharing the same New Year’s resolution to get fit, so make sure you don’t share germs when you’re at the gym.
  • Don’t forget to drink water! For some reason people assume that since it’s cold outside they won’t become as dehydrated at the gym. The room is comfortably-heated and you are guaranteed to sweat, so keep that water bottle handy.

It’s easier to keep resolutions when you have a good friend there beside you. See who else in the Abberly Place community is looking to get in shape this year and join them at a Fitness Center.

YouTube’s 2010 Top Ten

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Hello Auston Chase! This year we have had the pleasure of watching flash mobs take over the internet, project heros become celebrities, and a middle school football team syke out their opponents. But which one of these YouTube Videos was #1 in 2010? Watch the video below to find out. See a complete list of most shared YouTube Videos in 2010 here.

5.  Ken Block’s Gymkhana Three Part 2

4. The Bed Intruder Song

3. How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking

2. Baby Bob Marley

How to Recycle Your Christmas Decor for a NYE Party

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Hello Abberly Crest! Are you hosting a party at your apartments for the New Year? Do not put up your holiday decorations just yet. Use your holiday decorations to add glitz and glamour to your NYE party at your apartment. This will make your New Year party sparkle without spending a lot of time and money on new items. Watch the video for tips on recycling your Christmas decor for the New Year.

Start The New Year Off Right With Healthy Living Tips From Auston Woods

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Hg haulingDo you know how important activities like reading, writing, and chores are to your physical health? Health status has a calorie calculator that can compute how many calories you burn in a set amount of time. The list offers dozens of activities from hang-gliding to hair-dressing and is dependent on your body weight.

Many of the activities you already do everyday or can be doing from your apartment living room, kitchen, or bedroom. After viewing the calorie calculator you may even see more reason to get involved with more vigorous and aerobic activities like working out or outdoor sports.

Here are some ways to burn some extra calories around the apartment complex without really working up a sweat.

  • Take the kids to the playground (and actually PLAY with them)

  • Push the stroller around the neighborhood

  • Start a fashion project on your old jeans or leather jacket

  • Vacuum the carpets or mop the floors (remember, burning calories!)

  • Make your bed (calories!)

  • Hula-hoop, jump rope, or ice-skate (You are never too old!)

Remember that all these activities and more are a part of our loving community and everything is just a couple miles away from our apartment homes. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions about our units or amenities we have to offer.