Welcome, Abberly Crest!

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Welcome to your new virtual gathering place…
a community blog for the residents of Abberly Crest

Looking to connect with your neighbors? Do it here.
Looking for ideas for a weekend getaway? Find it here.
Looking for the latest about what’s going on in our community? It’s all here.

Every day you will find something new on the Abberly Crest community blog. It will be a must-visit stop every day on your digital cruising.

We focus on what you care about:

  • tips to make the most of your community and your apartment lifestyle
  • great places to go around town
  • wonderful weekend getaways
  • how to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, food and dining suggestions
  • updates from the management team, and much more!

We’d love for you to jump right in and contribute!

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Don’t Do This on an Interview…

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It is the day of your big interview. You have rehearsed, selected proper attire, and arrived ten minutes early. But here are some interview DON’Ts that you don’t want to miss.

 1. Don’t allow your cell phone to sound during the interview. (If it does, apologize quickly and ignore it.) Don’t take a cell phone call. Don’t look at a text message.

 2. Don’t chew gum or smell like smoke.

 3. Don’t act as though you would take any job or are desperate for employment.

 4. Don’t give the impression you are only interested in salary; don’t ask about salary and benefits issues until the subject is brought up by your interviewer.

 5. Don’t make negative comments about previous employers or professors (or others).

 These are just a few things to remember when interviewing. Check out the full list of interview do’s and don’ts. Have you done any of these? Do you have any funny interview stories?

Job Benefits You Should Look For

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When considering a new job there are a lot of factors you should consider. The position being the most important factor because you want to make sure you are doing work you enjoy. Second to the type of work, is your salary. You cannot be that happy if you cannot live a comfortable lifestyle. However, aside from the two most important factors, you must review your benefits. When I speak of benefits I am not just speaking of health and medical insurance. Although, that is definitely at the top of the list for most important benefits. I am speaking of things that I believe most people do not think of when selecting a new job or a new company.

5 Must Have Benefits:

Health Care – This is critical. You want a company that will insure you from day one, so will not have any lapse in health care coverage. There are companies that have unlimited sick days, cover you and your family from your date of hire,  and pay 100% of your health insurance premiums.

Work Life Balance – Studies have shown that employees are happier and more productive when they have a healthy balance between work and home. Work life balance means a healthy amount of time for vacation each year. Some of these companies allow employees 32 vacations days per year. These companies are profitable and their employees are happier.

 Investing for Your Retirement – Picking a company that helps you plan for your retirement is smart. Choose a company that matches your 401K investments and make sure you max it out each year to take full advantage of this benefit. Check to see if they offer a pension plan. Most companies do not, but the ones on this list do.

 Continuing Education –You paid for your undergraduate degree to get your foot in the door. So why not join a company that will help you further your education with tuition reimbursement or a tuition assistance program. The more education you acquire the more valuable you are to your company. The company may require you to commit so many years to them, but if you enjoy your work responsibilities, the office environment and culture, plus the great benefits, you would not have a reason to leave.

 Telecommuting – Nowadays, the work a lot of us do can be done from home. Giving your employee the option to telecommute so many days per work increases work-life balance, saves on gas, and provides the employee with additional time to spend on work because they are not stuck in traffic. I would love to get rid of traffic.

What I have learned is that most companies offer these benefits, but read the fine print. Do you have to be employed with them six months to a year before you have access to any of the above benefits? Do you get a healthy amount of vacation time? Do they match your 401K? Your company may offer benefits, but the key is you want a competitive benefits package. For a full list of companies with the best benefits and the most unusual benefits click here.

For All Father’s

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Happy Father’s Day from  everyone at Abberly Crest!

How to Protect Your Pets from the Summer Heat

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The summer heat can be a threat to humans and our four-legged friends. Here are some tips to follow to protect your animals during the summer heat.

1. Dogs sweat a lot on their own; therefore there is no need to dress them during the summer months.

2. Dogs can suffer from heat exhaustion, too. If you are planning on walking your dog try to go early in the morning or late in the evening when temperatures tend to be cooler.

3. Make sure you give your dogs plenty of water to keep them hydrated.

4. Do not leave your dog in a closed car. Roll the windows down.

Additional Tips to Protect Your Pet