Hilton Head Seafood Festival

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image of sunset on hilton head island

The Hilton Head Seafood Festival offers up some of the best seafood in the area, for less than you’d pay for a night out!

Get in for $5 and sample the best of the participation restaurant’s for $2 to $5 a sample!

The Fourth Annual Hilton Head Seafood Festival runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at Shelter Cove Community Park.

Among the restaurants participating are Alexander’s, Crazy Crab, Black Marlin, Bluffton Oyster Co., Hudson’s and Marley’s, Kenny B’s, Red Fish, and the Old Oyster Factory.

You’ll get to see the chefs face off! They’ll have to make gourmet meals from a set of mystery ingredients.

Enjoy live music from Chris Jones, The Beagles, and Mike Korbar throughout the day!

Bring your kids for and they’ll have a blast with the bounce horses and games in the Kids Only Zone.

The Seafood Festival proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. It has raised nearly $250,000 since its re-establishment after 2001.

On-site Air Conditioner Rental

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commercial air conditioner rental

As the owner of a business, it's alright for you to get agitated when your industrial air conditioning system malfunctions.  No need to worry, as you can rent commercial air conditioners to fit any need during everyday of your work week.

You may rent air conditioners for a day or as long as you need to. These air conditioner rentals can be used for many varying business or industry situations, it can also be used for event venues as well.  During home emergencies on a hot summer season, it can temporarily replace a defective in-house air conditioner unit.  It can also server as an air conditioning unit for outdoor events.

Air conditioners could vary from 1 ton capacity to 50 ton capacity. While the lower range of air conditioners have thermostatic control and are rated for outdoor use, the 5 ton Voyager is very quiet in operation and has a two stage heater.

There maybe a time you might need captive power in the form of generators to power the air conditioner that you have rented. Such requirements are also met and you could order the generating set that could give you as much as 2000 kW output. This would be akin to a turnkey arrangement that could be arranged.

Washington Capitals Beat the Rangers but are Still Challenging Autism

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Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals were happy to defeat the New York Rangers in the quarter finals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. But this is not their only success in these NHL Playoffs. Autism Speaks, the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players' Association have partnered for Face-off Against Autism. This is a unique fundraising initiative that allows hockey fans to support autism research and support their favorite team and player throughout the playoffs.
In five games the Washington Capitals have earned themselves some time off before the next round of play, they’ll end up with at least four days without a hockey game and maybe six or seven. The Capitals are now on a quest to have their most successful season in at least four years, and they haven’t made it through the second round of the playoffs since 1998 and all of Washington D.C. and Maryland are very excited!

During these playoffs, Face-off Against Autism will highlight a key NHL player from each of the 16 playoff teams, transforming his photo into a digital puzzle. Fans can purchase pieces of the puzzle for $10. Every fan who buys a puzzle piece gets a 20% discount off their next purchase at the NHL Store and will be automatically entered to win one of four autographed jerseys. So, buy a puzzle piece Capitals fans, because one of the jerseys has been autographed by NHL Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin.
Face-off Against Autism is featuring the Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin, who is currently leading the NHL puzzles. The campaign will run through the end of the playoffs. Now there is more than one reason to cheer for the Caps!

Local Shopping Promotes Small Business and Boosts the Local Economy

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Every community has locally owned small businesses, and Lexington Park, MD is no exception. When you have errands to run, items to buy for your apartment home, or gifts to purchase, consider the privately and locally owned shops and stores in our neighborhood.

Why should you shop local? Shopping locally promotes our community's small businesses and helps keep dollars in our local economy. It is true that locally owned businesses keep more of their revenue in the local economy than chain stores. Of course, supporting the small businesses in your neighborhood also supports local jobs and keeps business in the community.

Locally owned and operated small businesses employ neighbors and reinvests money close to home. Small, Locally owned businesses are run by entrepreneurs and are the heartbeat of our communities and local economies. Our country thrives off of the innovation of entrepreneurs. As a nation, small businesses fuel our economic prosperity. So for your next purchase, try to forgo the mall, and shop local.

Playground Equipment Made From Recycled Milk Jugs Gives Fort Polk Louisiana A Boost

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Playmart Playgrounds at Picerne HousingAt many military installations around the United States there has been an initiative to improve the quality of life as well as moral. Therefore, not only have new homes been built, but true communities have been established on these installations. One such example exists at Fort Polk, Louisiana. A company called Picerne was awarded a privatization contract for Fort Polk . They set out to create a community that would greatly enhance the quality of life for soldiers and their families. This emphasis started with a focus on building and refurbishing quality homes but went beyond a home, a street, or just one neighborhood. The company sought to bring about a sense of community at Playmart Playgrounds at Picerne Housing Fort PolkFort Polk with play.

Upon reviewing the military installation, site managers discovered more than 150 play structures scattered throughout the neighborhoods there.  The items ranged from tetherball posts to swing sets. Most of the items were outdated and in disrepair, which presented a safety concern. The company knew it could make an immediate impact on the quality of life for families by creating recreation  destinations that offered something for everyone in the family, Fibrex Group benches are used by Picerne Military housingswings, age-appropriate play structures, basketball and tennis courts, picnic areas, and benches.

With a green outlook in mind for the improvements, they began to search for an environmentally conscious playground company to help carry out their plan. The company decided to enlist Play Mart, a playground manufacturer that extrudes its own proprietary Recycled Structural Plastic (RSP). This sustainable product is made primarily from recycled milk jugs. The company's average play set contains nearly 25,000 milk jugs, and it diverts over I million pounds of plastic from landfills annually.

Now, Play Mart has designed and installed environmentally friendly playgrounds at over a dozen neighborhoods in Fort Polk. The recreation area is a gathering spot for many residents, not just children. They bring a sense of community to the neighborhoods as families come together to watch their children play. Several parents meet for regular play dates at the parks, and family child care providers take the children on outings to the recreation areas.

Early projects at Fort Polk included the placement of 240 recycled plastic lumber benches at newly refurbished bus stops. These benches contain more than 300 post-consumer milk jugs. In addition to complete playground structures, high-quality, low maintenance recycled plastic lumber products have been used to create picnic tables and waste receptacles. All items consist of up to 100 percent recycled plastic lumber.

Ruben Leenders is the national account manager for Play Mart. The Fibrex Group is the exclusive Mid-Atlantic distributor for Play Mart Inc. We offer full service design & installation of sustainable play equipment, surfacing and borders.  We also manufacture and distribute recycled plastic lumber benches, picnic tables, recycling containers and trash receptacles.

Picerne has revitalized other Military Housing installations using Play Mart playgrounds as well, such as Fort Riley, Fort Meade, Fort Rucker, Fort Bragg and Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

Please click “From milk jugs to swing sets” to read the full article.