University’s Attacked By Bedbugs

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Bedbugs Discovered in Two University of Pittsburgh Dorms

Pittsburgh Post - Gazette

The University of Pittsburgh said today it found evidence of bedbugs in two campus dorms -- Sutherland and Lothrop halls -- and has treated the affected areas.

Reports of bugs were verified through visible inspection in three rooms, Pitt said. Two are located in Sutherland, and one in Lothrop.

A university statement said that because two of the rooms were on the same floor of Sutherland East, the rest of the rooms on the floor and ultimately all of Sutherland East were inspected.

As a result, 28 more rooms were deemed to have bugs, "although most of these showed no visible signs of bugs," said the statement released by Pitt spokesman John Fedele.

Pitt said follow-up treatments to affected areas will be given as a precaution.

Grain Pest Intercepted at Airport

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Grain Pest Intercepted at LA Airport

U.S. customs officials say they intercepted one of the world's most destructive agricultural pests during an inspection at Los Angeles International Airport.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection says inspectors discovered the pest, known as the khapra beetle, in a bag of Indian rice on a flight from Saudi Arabia Dec. 29, the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday.

The bag, being brought in by a passenger, was confiscated and destroyed.

The khapra beetle, a grain and seed pest, is particularly dangerous because it is tolerant to many insecticides, officials said.

"They're good at hiding and they multiply," Naveeda Mirza, the inspection agency's agriculture program manager, said. "Before you know it, half of your grain is gone."

California spent millions of dollars in the 1960s to eradicate an infestation of khapra beetles in the state, Mirza said.

Mirza urged international travelers to avoid packing food.

"Chocolate, candy, maybe that's OK," she said. "But beans and rice that you're bringing for your own consumption, it's better to just buy it here."

Source = Science News

George Williams,
General Manager - Staff Entomologist

Pest Control, RI, Pest Control, MA

Ultrasonic Pest Devices Under Fire from FTC

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I wish the general public would realize that these ultrasonic devices are just a sales gimmick! I mean, c’mon!!! How on earth would a $9.99 device plugged into one wall outlet would effectively repel all pests from your home??? It is modern day snake oil! The problem is that consumers buy into it and the pests remain & cause serious damage.

Staff of the Federal Trade Commission's Division of Enforcement announced that they have sent warning letters to more than 60 manufacturers and retailers of ultrasonic pest-control devices, stating that efficacy claims about those products must be supported by scientific evidence.

FTC staff reviewed print and catalog advertisements and conducted a “surf of Internet sites marketing such devices. They found that many of the advertisements make explicit claims about the products' ability to eliminate rodents or repel insects and they can not do this without scientific proof.

Read the full article….

George Williams,
General Manager - Staff Entomologist

Pest Control, RI, Pest Control, MA

Fire Pits Fueled by Propane Can Add to Your Outdoor Living Space

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At West Sport we have an outdoor fireplace and several fire pits for your outdoor entertaining. With the Oriflamme Gas Fire Pit, you have a fire pit, ambiance, conversation piece, and serving table all in one. With various styles and designs, Oriflamme firepit tables combine sophistication and ambiance. These gas fire pits complete the setting in your outdoor room.

These gas fire pits are the first ever designed fire. Choose from Tuscan stone or granite, square or round, with 24 choices of colored fire glass; these fire pits are fully customizable. But even the fire can be designed as you can see from the video. Your fire can take the form of a sun, a school logo,  yin and yang or it can have no design at all. You have to see it to believe it. Oriflamme fire pit tables are cleaner, less expensive, and safer than other fire pits on the market; they are all handcrafted and made in the USA. Because they are fueled by propane, they are very easy to use. There is no need to worry about smoke, ashes or burning embers, the fire pits are self contained with a 2.5 gallon propane tank included.

At West Sport, we would be happy to show you how easy these firepit tables  are to assemble and light. But, they are so intriguing; we wanted you to see it right now.  

Homeowners Who are Underwater are Not Alone in Massachusetts

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By Anthony Buono

If you are in a position where you are underwater on your home, you are not alone in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, 17% of homeowners are underwater in Massachusetts. If you think you need to sell your home, and you believe you will have to sell at a loss, it is important to solicit the help of a real estate attorney. There may be ways to keep you in your home. But, if you think you are in financial trouble, the time to act is now.

Losses Rise as the Boston Housing Market Tumbles

Greater Boston’s housing market has tumbled back to 2002’s pricing levels, and one out of every three homes being sold is resulting in a loss.

The price declines have left approximately 17 percent of the Massachusetts homeowners underwater, that is, holding a mortgage balance that exceeds a home’s value. Greater Boston’s “underwater” rate — essentially one in six homeowners — is up from the 14 percent of Massachusetts homeowners who were underwater at the end of 2010 and is far ahead of the 11.7 percent mark set a year earlier. The national negative-equity rate is 28.4 percent.

The local housing data was included in a national report published Monday by

According to the Zillow analysis, Boston-area home values were down 5.3 percent on a year-over-year basis as of March 31 and had tumbled 2.6 percent from the end of 2010. The region’s average single-family home value was $305,800 at the end of the quarter, versus the national average of $169,600. Pricing averages are derived from Zillow’s Home Value Index and include all homes, and “not just those that sold in a particular period.”

Boston-area prices have slipped 23.2 percent since their peak in July 2005 and are back to where they were nearly a decade ago in June 2002.

The trends appear to be forcing more homeowners to sell at a loss. According to Zillow, 33.9 percent of all first-quarter sales went for less than their prior purchase prices. That was up roughly 3 percent on both a year-over-year basis as well as a quarter-to-quarter basis. Nationally, 37.7 percent of all home sales were at a loss in the first quarter — a new record.

Original article-Boston Business Journal by Craig M. Douglas