The Right Sump Pumps for Your Home

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If your basement has a sump pump, really it is only a matter of time before a failure occurs. There are many different sizes of sump pumps and getting the right size for your home will go a long way to having your sump pump last.

The goal is to shop for the best value by obtaining a pump with maximum features for your money. The physical size of your pump may depend on the size of your sump pit.  An 18” diameter pit will allow enough clearance for most pumps.  Be sure to measure the width and depth of your sump pit before you make a purchase.  Consider the location of the float switch as well.  If your pump is not deep enough, the float switch will not work properly.

No matter what size sump pump you are considering, pay attention to the materials with which it is made.  The housing is the most important part and so the material is important, it will have a direct bearing on the life span of the pump.  Most often, pumps are made from plastic, cast iron, cast bronze or stainless steel.  Plastic pumps are lighter weight and more susceptible to damage and wear and tear than metal.  Cast iron, bronze and stainless steel will offer the best in longevity, but with an increase in cost.

There are various styles of float switches used for sump pumps.  Float pumps can become blocked by objects in tight quarters or by debris, so make sure you have enough clearance for the pump to move freely within the sump pit liner.

If you are just tired of wet basements and sump pumps, and worrying about if they are running or not, call A1 Foundation Crack Repair.

Electric Companies Need a Back Up Power Plan

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All electricity companies have planned shut downs of their electric supplies for routine maintenance or upgrades to their facilities. As an electric company call ElecComm Power for your scheduled shut downs, a name and company that many power companies in New England trust.

Newington Energy has this to say about ElecComm Power Services: 

ElecComm Power Services has been our supplier of choice for all our temporary power needs. We have used them to supply power when performing planned substation maintenance or during times of need for emergency power for repairs. Their staff of highly-motivated, intelligent Project Managers and support staff are second to none in the energy rentals business. During a recent planned maintenance period, we mobilized 2MW of temporary generation to support our work. ElecComm Power Services delivered the generators, performed the connections and provided 24/7 coverage of the generators until the work was completed. Their team is the best of the best when we require temporary generation.

But they are not the only company that calls us, NSTAR Electric called us during an emergency situation. We supplied their customer with emergency power until NSTAR was able to get then back on commercial power. 

Small Engines that are Smoking

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Many small engines are in good repair, but they start smoking when you start them up. In many cases, you may be able to fix this on your own. Here are some quick tips on what to look for to try to solve your smoking small engine.

  1. You may have a dirty or plugged air filter. Replace or clean it.
  2. Worn Damaged Rings. Rings and cylinder may be worn past their tolerances due to age and lack of maintenance. In this case it, bring the engine in to be evaluated for repair options.
  3. Loss of crankcase vacuum. Make sure the dipstick or fill plug is secured tightly. You may also have bad O-rings, gaskets and washers. 
  4. Scored cylinder. This is caused by ingesting dirt. Either a very dirty air filter or a missing air filter will cause this.
  5. You may be using the wrong grade/viscosity of oil. It is very important to use the proper viscosity recommended by the manufacture. It is also important to use oil designed for Air-Cooled Engines, most oils in stores are designed for automobiles with water cooled engines.
  6. Some engine failures are due to Gasoline. Either  gas sitting stagnant and clogging the carburetor, or the Ethanol in the gasoline has caused some kind of failure to the components.  The float no longer shuts off the gas and causes it to leak into the oil. This will also cause the engine to smoke and will required repair. 
  7. Leaking head gaskets. A head gasket typically leaks due to the engine overheating . Nesting or grass build up in your engines cooling fins prevent the proper amount of air circulation to cool itself and the engine overheats, warping the cylinder head causing the gasket to no longer seal properly. Low oil, Running the engine for a long period of time with low oil will also cause the engine to overheat, when the oil is then filled to the proper level it leaks by the head gasket. This situation would have to be diagnosed and repaired.
  8. The choke is still on. Open the choke as soon as the engine fires and continues to run without stoppping.
  9. There may be too much oil in the engine. Correct the amount of oil in the crankcase. Fill it only to the "Full" mark.

Roofing Material with Mettle

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Because of affordability and ease of installation, asphalt shingles have long been the first choice in residential roofing. However, metal roofs have slowly been increasing in popularity.

Though metal roofs may cost more up front than asphalt shingle roofs, they can be much more durable. Their lifetime spans anywhere from 40 to 60 years, as opposed to 15 years for asphalt. By choosing a metal roof, it's the last time most homeowners will have to put on a roof.

Besides longevity, metal roofs also can be more energy efficient - a "cool" solution because reflective coatings can be applied to the base metal and reduce how much heat enters a home.

Aesthetics are another plus. Standing seam roofs can also add vibrant color that withstands strong sunlight for decades.

Be sure to hire an experienced pro to install it since it takes more skill than putting on asphalt shingles.

"First Fridays" Party Thrown By Leonardtown and Lexington Park

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Get ready to head out of your apartment in Lexington Park, MD and enjoy a  weekend of fun in Leonardtown.  “First Fridays” events will commence with a special on August 5th to kick-off Leonardtown’s “Beach Party on the Square” event the next day.   This celebration of “First Fridays” will be a great evening of art, entertainment, food, and specials.  Live music on the Square will feature the talented Yeh Jazz Trio and the swinging Pax Rats.  At 7:30 PM, a gift drawing will take place in the Town Square. 

Tickets for the drawings are free; just stop by any participating Leonardtown Business Association member’s place of business.   Winners must be present to collect their prize.  Each first Friday of the month, the Leonardtown Business Association celebrates “First Fridays” between the hours of 5 PM – 8 PM.

A new activity to the Beach Party this year is the Running of the Balls, presented as a cooperative effort between the Leonardtown Rotary Club and the Lexington Park Rotary Club.  The balls are released at 7 PM on Fenwick Street Hill.  Get your prepaid balls from any Leonardtown or Lexington Park Rotary member or at the Beach Party event.

For great family fun, check out Leonardtown’s “BEACH PARTY on the Square" event on Saturday, August 6th from 4 PM – 9 PM.   This action-packed event is sure to boast a good time for all!   Highlights include the fantastic tunes of “The 25th Hour Band”, a performance by Xtreme Athletics, line-dancing, Zumba dance, a strolling minstrel, magic and illusions by Super Magic Man, Reggie Rice, and the amazing ENF Kids’ Jam, who will tout the principles of our environment thru singing, acting and dancing!