Auston Woods Apartments September Event Announcements

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The Auston Woods Welcome Center will be closed on Monday, September 5, 2011 in observance of Labor Day. We hope that everyone has a safe and happy extended weekend.

Children of all ages come out for a community movie night. We will be viewing “Rio” (2011 - Rated G), the story of a blue macaw, Blu, who is taken to Rio de Janeiro to save his species. With the aid of a colorful group of friends, Blu sets out on an adventure to escape from an evil Cockatoo, Nigel, and his fumbling, bird-smuggling owner.

The viewing will be at 7pm on Friday, September 23rd at the Resident Activity Center. All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Popcorn and sugar-free Kool-Aid® will be provided while supplies last.

More than Wood Stoves, Add An Indoor Waterfall to Your Home

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You thought we only had fire, but we have water too. Bring all the elements to your home with indoor waterfalls by Napoleon.

Accentuate your home or business with the sights and sounds of soothing running water. Intrigue your guests and visitors with your own waterfall water art and turn your wall into a conversation piece with a Napoleon waterfall.

But these indoor waterfalls do more than bring a unique aesthetic value to a home. They act as natural humidifiers bringing needed moisture to your indoor winter air. They also work as air cleaners by trapping airborne particles and removing them in its filter system.

Napoleon indoor waterfalls provide all these benefits while making a room more beautiful and providing a tranquil soothing environment for your family.

Contact West Sport for the latest in stoves, inserts, fireplaces and home décor. We have the products and the service that Metro West, MA has come to expect.

Fireplace Screens and Doors Bring Beauty and Safety to your Fireplace

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Spruce up your hearth with fireplace screens and glass doors. Ensure that your new fireplace fits seamlessly into your décor with fireplace screens and doors.

Fireplace Showcase has a wide variety of arched fronts, cabinet door frames, screened cabinet doors and filigree panels. Fireplace doors and screens protect your home from shifting logs and embers. But they are decorative as well. 

Let your hearth be a focal point rather than a hole in the wall. Fireplace screens and doors are a decorative, safe and cost effective solution that will add personality and style to your fireplace. If you have a working traditional fireplace, take a look at decorative fireplace screens and doors and turn your old fireplace into a conversation piece.

If you want to use your fireplace safely, increase the ambience of your room, and heighten the attractiveness of your hearth. Let Fireplace Showcase help you.

Labor Day Weekend and Politics Go Together in Roanoke

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Living in an apartment in Roanoke, VA brings with it many advantages. Not the least of which is Roanoke itself. With so much to do, you will never be bored. Labor Day weekend is no exception. 

Celebrate Labor Day at Glen Maury Park all day with great food, live entertainment and lots of family-fun! The festival serves as the kickoff for Virginia's fall political campaigns -- giving rise to Buena Vistan conventional wisdom: "If you're a candidate and you're not in Buena Vista on Labor Day, you won't win the election.

This is a way for laborers of all ages to celebrate their holiday and meet the candidates. Grab some friends, relax, eat and have fun this Labor Day in Roanoke.

Why Rent?

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As the demand for apartment homes rises, this survey was conducted of current renters to find out why they choose to rent. The results of the survey reveal that maintenance free living, cost and flexibility are the most common reasons to rent!

The largest number of respondents (43.7%) rent primarily for the maintenance free living in apartments. Many respondents have a strong desire for the convenience of a maintenance person available for common household repairs as well as the freedom of not needing to tend to a lawn, garden or landscaping.

More than 23% of renters choose to rent for financial reasons. If an individual plans to live in one place for less than five years, it may make the most financial sense to rent. The costs of buying and selling a home can total 10 percent or more of the price of the home. Additionally, home ownership in a desired neighborhood may be much more expensive than renting in the same neighborhood.

Renting also affords individuals the freedom to invest in a variety of stocks, bonds and mutual funds that can provide a higher return on investment as opposed to property ownership. The average home value increases only five percent each year, whereas the average stock value increases seven percent and bond value increases eight percent each year.

19% of respondents indicate that relocation flexibility and the lack of a long term commitment in an apartment is the primary reason they choose to rent.

Renting an apartment in Charleston, SC may be a good choice for the following types of individuals:

  • Young adults just beginning their careers.
  • Single parents who do not have time for maintenance .
  • Empty nesters who want to travel.
  • Anyone tired of long commutes to work.
  • Anyone who wants abundant amenities and social activities where they live.
  • Professionals who transfer often.
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