Cancer Pain has Physical and Emotional Reach

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Pain expert Margo McCaffrey, MSN,RN, FAAN says "Pain is whatever the experiencing person says it is, and exists whenever he says it does." Whatever the cause or the description, pain hurts and has physical and emotional repercussions.  
Pain caused by the disease or from the treatment of the disease is common in cancer patients. Approximately 30% - 50% of people with cancer experience pain while undergoing treatment, and 70% - 90% of people with advanced cancer experience pain.
Careful, comprehensive assessment of cancer pain is absolutely essential to finding the best treatments to manage the pain. Working with your physician and taking your specific needs into account, our pain specialists at Franklin Pain and Wellness will create a treatment plan that will manage your pain at your comfort level.

Contact us in order to make an appointment. We will do a thorough and accurate diagnosis so that a customized program can be developed that will target your specific pain.

Save Energy with An Air Conditioning Tune UP

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Getting your air conditioner tuned up is important in extending the life of your central AC, but it is also essential in the efficiency of your AC. Tidewater Service has a tune-up special for the Tidewater Virginia area as well a new customer special. Your Central Air Conditioning and your heating system are a huge part of your home budget each  year, there is every reason to make it as efficient as possible.

In fact, one of the chief benefits of an air conditioning tune-up is a significant reduction in energy consumption. Sometimes more than 20%!

The tune-up includes include inspection, lubrication, calibration, and cleaning. The entire system is completely checked to make sure that the air conditioning system is operating properly.

If you need an air conditioning tune-up, call Tidewater Service.

Alzheimer’s Can Affect the Whole Family

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Dear Annie: Our mother has Alzheimer's disease, and we don't think our Dad is giving her the right care. Mom seems undernourished. Dad thinks a slice of toast or a cup of coffee constitutes adequate caloric intake for her. If she says "no" to food, he simply accepts that response without trying to encourage her to eat. Her clothes are now several sizes too big.

Mom has emotional outbursts and periods of uncontrollable crying, and she frequently screams out, thus making a good night's sleep impossible for either of them. It is difficult for her to walk more than 15 feet. Dad doesn't assist her consistently, and she has fallen numerous times.

Personal hygiene seems a thing of the past. Their home is now dirty and disorganized. We have offered to clean and do household chores, but they refuse. We gave Dad the name of a local specialist, but he refuses to call. We contacted their family doctor, who said he was unable to convince Dad that Mom needs to go into an assisted living community.

Dad seems to relish being the martyr and constantly complains about having to do everything. We understand that after 50-plus years of marriage, this must be extremely difficult for him. My siblings, our spouses and the grandchildren do not know what to do next. Sincerely, Caring Kids

Dear Caring: It can be traumatizing for one spouse to place another in an assisted  living community, and a certain paralysis can set in, preventing major decisions and changes. You and your siblings need to step up to the plate right now.

If this is situation sounds familiar please contact us at Spring Arbor Living in North Carolina or Virginia.

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Tasty Alternative to Sugary Coffee and Energy Drinks

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CLICK is changing the energy drink environment by demonstrating that protein, great taste, and energy can go hand-in-hand. CLICK, a simple solution but also a total solution.

CLICK is the brainchild of Greg and Beth Smith. They are a husband and wife team that have been in the fitness field for over 25 years. They wanted to find a better way to get the energy and nutrition consumers were wanting but without all the high sugar and calories in today’s gourmet coffee and energy drinks.

The need for energy support is undeniable, but also they also realized that most energy drinks are not good for you. Then, it CLICKed! How about a nutritional energy drink that brings together the rich flavor of espresso with the health benefits of protein and vitamins but is also low in sugar and calories? The biggest challenge was to make it taste really great.

Let’s face it, even if it’s good for us, we won’t drink it if it doesn’t taste good! CLICK is a really healthy espresso protein drink that contains 15 grams of protein, 23 vitamins and minerals with a double shot of espresso in a 120 calorie 12 ounce serving. And the best part is that both men and women love the rich creamy flavor.

Enjoy CLICK, the boost your energy, burn fat and curb your appetite so you can perform drink.

Modular Office Buildings Make Running a Business Easier

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Modular homes are becoming very popular, but so are modular office buildings and commercial spaces. In fact, modular condominiums and town homes are also very popular. The reason for the popularity comes down to a few things really. Time, ability to customize, efficiency, and cost.
If you are looking for a commercial space, you know it can be challenging. Too big, too small, too rundown or too old. You are in business and you want what you want.

Avalon Building Systems can construct a modular office building to meet your needs in an effective and timely fashion. Modular construction  can be customized to meet your business needs. Even more importantly, it can be built far more quickly than traditional construction, also meeting your business needs.

Renting and leasing leave you victim to the whims and needs of your landlord. Buying older buildings leaves you responsible for the repairs and maintenance on older construction.

If you are interested in building a modular office building, contact Avalon Building Systems.