Water Coming into Your Home from Under or Over the Footer

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We have been having some spring-like weather with a lot of rain and there is more on the way. At A-1 Foundation Crack Repair, we hope that you have not had any water in the basement. But understanding how water enters your home is the best prevention.

As you know, water seeks the path of least resistance. It gets into your home through cracks in walls and foundation and over and under the footer. It is  important to address the issues which are the source of the problem.

If water enters your home from multiple areas, it is important to address those problems at the same time. Addressing one problem at a time will still allow water in your home.

Two common ways we see water in the basement is over and under the footer of your home.

Water coming in under the footer
Common construction methods may leave a small space between the footer and the poured basement floor. Excess water under the structure may create pressure and cause water to find its way through those small cracks and into your basement.

Water coming in over the footer
Water in the basement can also comet through the crack between the footer and wall sitting on it, often causing damage to the inside of your home or making the basement space unusable for storage or recreation.

Contact A-1 Foundation Crack Repair if you suspect that your basement is flooding because of your homes footer.

Single Men Value Love $73 More Than Sex

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It is a common belief that men value sex more than love. However, a new study conducted by online dating website WhatsYourPrice.com shows the opposite is true. When given the chance to put a price on a first date, single men consistently priced the opportunity to have a first date with someone they may fall in love with higher than with someone they are only interested in having casual relationship with. To be exact, the dating study concludes than men value the opportunity to fall in love more than the opportunity to have sex by $73.

In the study, single men were asked to put a dollar amount on certain questions.
According to the study, single men seeking casual or no-strings-attached relationships paid an average of $121 for a first date, whereas single men looking for serious relationships paid an average of $194 for the opportunity of finding love.

“We often hear the stereotype that men value sex and women value love,” says Founder & CEO of WhatsYourPrice.com and MIT alumni, Brandon Wade. “Our online dating study shows this stereotype is wrong. In fact, men value love more than sex by over 60%.”

The online dating study also finds that single men who seek only casual or no-strings attached relationships tend to be serial daters and more prolific, paying for first dates, in the study, over 2.1 times more, than commitment-minded men.

Original article on Whatsyourprice.com

A Comfortable and Relaxing Dentist Appointment – Dream Smile Dental Canton, MA

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At Dream Smile Dental we believe in what we do. We are confident that you will be happy with your dental care. In fact we are so sure; we would like you to refer a friend (or two).

When you refer a friend you will receive a $25 gift card to Dream Smile Dental and your friend will receive an exam, a professional dental cleaning and polishing, all necessary dental x-rays and a dental consultation for only $99.
If you are new to Dream Smile, and you want to try us out on your own, print out the coupon and receive the same discounted services. You are in for a surprise though; Dream Smile isn’t your regular dentists office.

At Dream Smile Dental, we want your visits to our office to be as pleasant as possible. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation that is so enjoyable, you'll look forward to each and every dentist appointment you make with us.

For extended dental procedures, we provide our patients with hot/cold neck cushions for added comfort and support. Patients receiving a BrightSmile teeth whitening procedure or a long appointment are treated to a heated massage pad on the chair and can select a DVD from our movie library while they visit.

Our goal at Dream Smile Dental is to deliver the best dental care to all our patients. Contact us and see for yourself what a different kind of dentist can do for you.

Common Myths Comparing Renting and Buying

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If you are relocating to Southern Maryland, you should consider renting and apartment in Lexington Park, MD. Renting is a great investment.

Abberly Crest Apartment Homes would like to share with you some common home ownership myths that have been dispelled.

“Owning your own home is a forced savings plan.”

If home buying is like a savings plan, it’s probably not a very good one. Would you voluntarily sign up for a savings plan where well over half of the money you deposit in the first 20 years simply vanishes, and from which you can only withdraw money by relocating and paying a 6-9% fee (not on the amount you have “saved” mind you, but on the total sale price of the home)? Of course not. That doesn’t sound anything like a savings plan.

If our potential home buyer has that $85,000 saved up for a down payment and deposits it along with just half of the monthly savings over buying ($578 per month) into an account you will gain quite a nest egg in 10 years. That’s a liquid investment that can be used for whatever you want, no relocation required. Buying a home is not a savings plan. Actually saving money every month is a savings plan.

“Home ownership is an excellent path to build wealth.”

If your goal is to build wealth, you will be much better off renting and investing your money in the stock market than buying a home. While both stocks and housing are cyclical markets, long-term historic trends show that housing appreciates at a rate barely above inflation, while stocks tend to return an inflation-adjusted 7-10%. In a hypothetical scenario, a renter who invested in the stock market with the $85,000 down payment plus the monthly difference between the $1,515 rent and the $2,690 home-buying costs would be over $500,000 better off after 30 years than the homebuyer, assuming 4% average appreciation.

Keep in mind too, in order to cash in on any “wealth” you build through your home you will need to sell that home and move. No, “extracting equity” does not count, since that simply results in a larger debt. Debt is not equal to Wealth.

Do your research and come see us. You will like what you see. Excerpts from Getrichslowly.com

Garner is an Easy Commute to Raleigh

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Apartments in Garner, NC are 10 minutes from downtown Raleigh. Frequently named one of the best places to live, Raleigh boasts an abundance of outstanding restaurants, dynamic nightspots, cultural entertainment, recreational opportunities, sophisticated retail and Southern charm.

Abberly Place in Garner, NC represents a new style of living in a beautiful, neighborly community with upscale apartment amenities, and easy access to Downtown Raleigh.

We have spacious one bedroom apartments, two bedroom apartments and three bedroom apartments with spacious floor plans and 9 foot ceilings and gorgeous crown molding. Take in a stress-relieving dip at one of the two resort-style pools with cabana style grilling areas or workout on one of our two state-of-the art fitness centers.

These beautiful apartments are an easy commute too. With easy access to I-40, Hwy 70 and the 440 Beltline, you’ll be 10 minutes from Downtown Raleigh and all your favorite Triangle destinations.

Each apartment home features unique details with floor plan options to fit any budget and include natural lighting and walk in closets to help keep you organized.

Contact us to learn about our specials and promotions. And if your employer is on our preferred customer list, you‘ll enjoy special benefits and services. Be sure to tell us if you are a teacher, firefighter or police for discounts of your own.