Good Luck Food for the New Year

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It is the New Year, and for the residents of our apartments in Lexington Park, MD this is the perfect time to get a fresh start. New Year’s Resolutions are the topics of conversation this time of year. But food may certainly give you a leg up in the luck department.

There are quite a few foods that are believed to be lucky and to improve the odds that next year will be a great one. What is interesting is that all over the world the foods eaten on New Year’s Eve consist of the same major categories: grapes, greens, fish, pork, legumes, and cakes.

New Year's revelers in Spain consume twelve grapes at midnight—one grape for each stroke of the clock.

Cooked Greens
Cooked greens, including cabbage, collards, kale, and chard, are consumed at New Year's in different countries for a simple reason — their green leaves look like folded money, and are thus symbolic of economic fortune.

Legumes including beans, peas, and lentils are also symbolic of money. Their small, seed-like appearance resembles coins that swell when cooked so they are consumed with financial rewards in mind.

In Italy, it's customary to eat cotechino con lenticchie or sausages and green lentils, just after midnight

In the Southern United States, it's traditional to eat black-eyed peas or cowpeas in a dish called hoppin' john.

The custom of eating pork on New Year's is based on the idea that pigs symbolize progress.

Cod has been a popular feast food since the Middle Ages. The Danish eat boiled cod, in Italy, baccalà, or dried salt cod, is enjoyed from Christmas through New Year's; herring is consumed at midnight in Poland and Germany; the Swedish New Year feast is usually a smorgasbord with a variety of fish dishes such as seafood salad. In Japan, herring roe is consumed for fertility, shrimp for long life, and dried sardines for a good harvest

Round or ring-shaped baked goods have special emphasis at New Year’s.

If you are looking for a recipe to bring to a New Year’s Eve party in Lexington Park or somewhere else in Southern Maryland this weekend, bring some food with luck! Happy New Year from Abberly Crest Apartment Homes.

More People are Renting

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Once upon a time, college students dreamt of graduating and then buying a home and having a mortgage. Not so anymore.
With an uncertain economy, and more people moving to take jobs where they can find them, renting is what this generation is doing. More and more college graduates are renting an apartment in one of the new “destination living” communities, complete with swimming pools, state-of-the-art fitness centers, volleyball courts and all kinds of apartment amenities.

For the first time in our history owning a home has lost its luster for the young. Since 2008, the percentage of young people who think that owning a home is “better than renting” has fallen.

Renting an apartment in Garner, NC has acquired a sort of cool respectability. Empty nesters figured it out a couple of decades ago, when they began getting rid of their high-maintenance houses.
Some of the forces driving the change are cultural. People are getting married later and they travel light longer.

Many are renting apartments because mortgages are hard to come by. There’s no stigma to renting anymore, and there’s just so much to keep you interested and busy in an apartment community.

For more information on a one bedroom , two bedroom or three bedroom apartment in Garner, contact Abberly Place Apartments.

Original article The Daily Beast

Kenneth C Lewis Is Ready To Roll On Your Cabinet and Countertop Refinishing Needs

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Pictured at right is one our our mobile refinishing labs that we use to serve the cabinet, furniture, and countertop refinishing needs throughout MA and RI.  When you see us out an about, consider us always ready and anxious for you to stop and secure and secure an instant consultation regarding your specific refinishing needs.  

When researching a trusted Boston area cabinet refinishing company, be sure that your contractor of choice is A+ certified by the Better Business Bureau and takes the time to explain the details of exactly how your remodeling need will be executed.  At Kenneth C. Lewis, we are proud of our experience, craftsmanship, methods, and quality of our product suppliers. 

Rest assured, that Ken himself will be personally involved in all phases of your project and that all of our craftsman are highly trained, skilled, and vetted.  Thanks for trusting Kenneth C. Lewis and we look forward to hearing from you.

Marathon Moving Company Serves 2000 Boston Movers Every Year Based On Satisfied Customer Referrals

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By visiting our web site's "About Us" page, you can learn the essence of why Marathon Moving Company, year in and year out, remains Boston's most trusted moving company.  However, we'll take just a moment in this blog post to get straight to the point.  We are a company based on integrity, trust and service.  We celebrate these traits, and so do our customers who selflessly refer us to family, friends, and acquaintances.   

Because our customers so generously refer us to others, steadily over the years we've been fortunate to reallocated almost our entire marketing budget toward employee education, training, and salaries.  This means the same face that moved you ten years ago will likely be the same face that moves you next month.  OK, maybe that face may sport a new wrinkle or two, but it will also represent up to 12 years of moving experience with our company.

The company has grown and new team members have been carefully vetted to ensure they had the desire to be the best. Holding employees new and old to the highest standards allowed Marathon to maintain a company of moving professionals that provides outstanding service from start to finish. Marathon chose to invest in its employees over advertising and starting in 2003 began removal of most advertising in favor of a strong benefits package for its employees. This decision was rewarded by our winning the 2004-2011 Super Service award from Angie’s List, the BBB Gold seal for excellence, and several other awards. The greatest testimony however would be in our customers. Marathon now completes 2000 moves a year with over 90% coming from repeat or referral sources.

When it comes to the critical (and often irreplaceable) value of your personal household goods, trust and professional skill of your moving company is of paramount importance.  On both fronts, your friends at Marathon Moving Company set the standard for Boston and New England moving companies.

Decrease Expenses with Mobile Office Restrooms – Boston

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Long term construction projects offer many challenges not the least of which are portable restrooms for your construction workers.  For your long-term construction project this winter, plan to have a mobile office trailer on-site for your restroom solution.

Perfect when you don’t want to dig for a temporary septic tank or when you do not have access to running water. A mobile office restroom system (MORs) can be installed in just a few hours and they cut down on your site costs. The water supply is provided, along with the RV toilet and the waste tank. These easily installed systems are maintained weekly from the outside.

With mobile office trailer equipment, you can alleviate the stress of wasted materials and manpower while increasing the productivity of your employees. Increase productivity and convenience and decrease your costs. For the convenience of mobile office trailer restroom units contact NSC Restrooms.