Stay Motivated and Lose Weight

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Through the winter it is hard to remain focused on eating healthy, exercising, and losing weight. By the time March rolls around, many people feel like they have tons of weight to lose.

Here are a couple of ideas on how to stay focused and stay motivated for weight loss so you can be ready for the warmer weather in a couple of months.

Make a commitment to a charity – When you join an athletic fund raising event, you have no choice. Get yourself on a Relay for Life team or some other walk for a benefit.  You are not going to let down those who sponsored you and you’ll burn calories while preparing.

Lift the amount of weight you have lost – Using free weights, work out with the same amount of weight you have dropped. This makes it easy to remember how much you have lost. It is motivating to see how much you are struggling to lift that 10-pound weight. You can't possibly forget how far you've come when you're sweating doing three sets. You used to be carrying around that weight!

Make a great play list -A recent study on women's fitness found that women are more likely to stick to an exercise program if they listen to music while working out.

Do not wear baggy, loose clothes – Don’t make yourself comfortable in your gained weight. Put on the tight jeans, or leave out your bathing suit. Give yourself a visual reminder of the goal you want to accomplish.

Work out with others- Many studies have proven that support from other people can keep you motivated to lose weight. So get some friends to work out with you. Get yourself a personal trainer, who can help you, create an exercise program for you, keep you company, and keep you accountable.

Group exercise classes - Join a group exercise class and make friends with the other regulars. Seeing them will inspire you to attend even when you feel like not going. Guilt is motivating. When you don’t go to your exercise class, everyone knows.

Raleigh’s Top Dog

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Are you looking for a four legged friend to be your roommate in your apartment in Raleigh, NC? Being both a dog and pet friendly apartment community, we thought you would like to know who is top dog in Raleigh. The lab, again.

Nationally, Labrador Retriever also remains America's most popular breed while the Beagle and Rottweiler (not allowed at Auston Grove) make strong gains.

Once again, the Labrador Retriever is the top dog in Raleigh according to the American Kennel Club's 2011 ranking of the most popular dogs in the U.S.

"The Maltese entered Raleigh's top 10 by jumping 12 spots to tie the Shih Tzu for ninth place," said AKC Spokesperson Lisa Peterson.  "This fearless breed ranks 23rd nationally, but is feeling the love in Raleigh."

Notable trends in Raleigh's top breeds:

  • The highly intelligent Poodle leapt three places last year to become Raleigh's fifth most popular breed.
  • Top 10 tumbles locally include the portable Yorkshire Terrier (falling one place to sixth) and the protective Boxer (falling one place to tie for seventh).

The AKC also announced its nationwide rankings today.  The Beagle overtook the beloved Yorkshire Terrier to become the third most popular dog breed, while the Golden Retriever advanced from the fifth to the fourth.  But fans of the Labrador Retriever need not fear: the beloved Lab remained the champ – a spot it has now held for 21 consecutive years – thanks to its well-earned reputation for playfulness and loyalty, and its use as a police and search-and-rescue dog.

The Sacramento Bee

Catalogs Encourage Your Customers To Take Action

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In today’s online world, print catalogs are still a necessary tool and invaluable resource for your business.  Catalogs are a way to market your products to your customers. But use them to your advantage, if you use catalogs create them in such a way that they remain in front of your customers.  The longer your customers or potential customers keep your catalogs, the more likely they will be to read it, use it as a resource and purchase from it.

Catalogs need to be a resource and sales tool.

Many companies are using the internet and telephone as a way for their customers to place orders. However, those businesses who also use catalogs show a high percentage of clients who use catalog forms to place their orders. You know, not all of your clients are computer savvy. It is important to give your customers multiple ways to looking for your products and pricing.

Within your catalog there should always be an order form. Catalogs can be an efficient marketing tool when designed properly, each section or product must contain a call to action. Calls to action create an impact and encourage your customer to act. For help designing and printing your product catalog, contact Blue Hill Press.

Testimonial to New Insulation

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At Custom Insulation, this is some feedback we received from a customer who purchased a wood burning stove from us, and had their second floor bedroom ceiling insulation replaced.

“I have an antique home, and last winter we got ice dams. During the repair process, I the attic insulation replaced in my bedroom ceiling. The difference in the warmth of my home throughout the winter was very noticeable. I realize that this was a more mild winter, but cold is cold, and you still have to heat your home.

We use our wood burning stove primarily to heat our home, and with increased and better insulation in the second floor ceiling, the oil heat barely ever came on - all winter long.  The upstairs of our home used to be very cold throughout the winter and very hot throughout the summer. I can’t wait to see what happens this summer. I suspect that it will be so much cooler and enjoyable.
The difference in my oil heating bill was outrageous, in fact we have not used an entire tank! The difference was so great, that this spring I am going to have the rest of the upstairs and attic insulation replaced.”

Is Crowdfunding the Future of Startup Financing?

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Is crowdfunding the future of startup financing?" The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the Crowdfunding Bill, in a 407-17 vote. First proposed in September of 2011, the McHenry Crowdfunding Bill went through just one revision in committee and is now in front of the Senate. If the Senate approves, crowdfunding looks to join venture capital, private equity, and angel investing as a new way for business startups to acquire financing.
Could crowdfunding provide a viable option for financing new ventures? Startups and small businesses seem to think so, and are pushing legislators and regulators to change the rules and allow them to seek out and obtain funding from investors via the internet. From lawyers and law firms on JD Supra, a look at what crowdfunding might mean for startups:
It would make it easier to raise capital:

“The [President’s Jobs] Council recommended that smaller investors be allowed to use crowd funding. This makes sense, as a practical matter, because at some level small amounts of money should not trigger onerous SEC rules and regulations. If the law opens up and allows crowd funding, it will probably prove to be a very powerful fund-raising tool for small businesses.” - Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
The SEC wants it to happen:

“At an SEC hearing on September 15, 2011, Meredith Cross, the SEC Director of the Division of Corporation Finance, testified that one of the major areas that the SEC is looking at is ‘crowdfunding’ in response to Chairman Shapiro’s urging the SEC Staff to ‘take a fresh look at some of our offering rules to develop ideas for the Commission to consider that may reduce the regulatory burdens on small business capital formation in a manner consistent with investor protection.’” - Morrison & Foerster LLP

The basic rules would still apply:

“In the end, crowdfunding is subject to what now seems like an old rule of thumb: Just because you are raising money over the Internet or through social media does not mean that the same “old” rules as to the offer and sale of securities no longer apply.” - Morrison & Foerster LLP

It may not be as easy as it appears:

“The problem is, as soon as you attach anti-fraud liability to reporting, the stakes become too high to do the reporting without sophisticated legal help, which of course is the expense that the proponents of this proposal are trying to avoid. - Davie Law Group

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