Auston Grove’s Annual Family Fun Day

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HHHunt sponsored Auston Grove’s Annual Family Fun Day this past Wednesday. Employees and their families enjoyed a day at the ballpark watching the Carolina Mudcats play an afternoon game. Here are some pictures of everyone having a great time!! Dale found his twin brother separated at birth!! Thanks Chris Sig for the tickets. We really appreciated it!!!


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Never Clean Your Gutters

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There has been so much rain in Worcester. Many homeowners experienced flooding due to clogged gutters. The gutters did not work as designed because they were clogged by debris.

The Waterfall Gutter Guard System is designed to be a very inexpensive and effective way to terminate clogged gutters.

Waterfall Gutter Guards are easy to use, no roofing required. It slips under the bottom row of shingles over your gutters and water easily flows into the gutter and out your down spout as your gutters are designed to do.

As it rains, the water flows down you shingles and down the gutter guard system -like a waterfall- into the gutter below without bringing with it pine needles, branches and leaves.

The short video below, filmed at a builders convention shows how it works.

For More information, contact Custom Insulation.

Protect Your Cement and Concrete Building from Decay

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Businesses with concrete steps, concrete foundations, a concrete entrance or with any other substantial part of your building made from concrete, consider concrete preservation. Many commercial buildings are made with concrete; it is durable and long lasting. However, overtime, concrete does deteriorate.

In New England concrete structures are susceptible to the elements which can speed up concrete spalling or decaying process. Water penetrates the porous concrete and then freezes which causes it, along with the concrete to expand.

Eliminate damage to concrete due to freezing and thawing cycle, as well as damage caused by chemicals, acid rain, and the corrosion caused by ion penetration from de-icing salt. The sealant will also aid in stopping mold that darkens concrete over time.

How? With a unique water-based concrete sealant that penetrates deep and permanently seals it. This product, from A-1 Foundation Crack Repair is environmentally friendly, 100% non-toxic, non- hazardous and will not harm grass, plants, or marine life. For more information, contact A-1 Foundation Crack Repair.

Save Money on a New Home with Modular Homes

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As we roll into summer, the home buying and building market is heating up. When considering modular homes you can choose from standard floor plans of pre-designed homes, or you can custom design any home to meet your family’s needs.
With the low mortgage rates, building a new home now is the most optimal choice for many families.  As the price of goods increases, you will find that modular home companies are less affected by these price increases than the contractors who build only stick built homes.
The modules for Avalon Building Systems are built in controlled environments. The materials for construction are bought in bulk and stored at the facility, so modular builders are less captive to material increases. This translates into lower materials cost for you, therefore construction costs are generally lower than with traditional construction.

Modular homes also take less time to build; therefore, you are paying lower labor costs and spending less time paying for two homes.

As a result of the decreased time and expenses, often people find that modular construction is the better option for their family. Contact Avalon Building Systems for more information on modular homes in New England and New York.  

Your Smile Can Make You Look Younger

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As you age, so does your smile. Along with tooth decay, your teeth can shift as the enamel becomes thinner. Aging can also result in chipped teeth and they wear down looking smaller over time. According to Dr. Ryne Johnson, of Newton Wellesley Dental Partners, who has been regarded as one of the region's top cosmetic dentists, there are several treatments to make your smile look younger--some that can be completed in just one or two visits.

Fix gaps: If your teeth have natural gaps or if teeth are uneven in size, a set of veneers can dramatically alter your smile. Bonding, a one-time procedure, can also help with minor gaps or to elongate teeth, which can create a healthier, sexier smile that takes the years off.

Straighten teeth: When you were younger, a few crooked teeth probably didn't age you much. However, as your face starts to naturally lose volume, crooked teeth may look more pronounced, and even cause your lips to appear thinner. Veneers are a quick solution to slightly crooked teeth, but if you have more time, you might opt for traditional braces or invisible braces, depending on what your dentist recommends.

Get a "lift": If you are losing facial volume, a traditional facelift isn't your only option. Your dentist can use veneers or bonding to build out your back teeth to support your cheekbones and even soften naso-labial folds. After this you will have a younger smile and better cheekbones.

For a younger smile of you're interested in learning about veener or hearing other options, contact Dr. Johnson at Newton Wellesley Dental

Remember, “See a Specialist…The Difference Will Make You Smile”.

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