Boston Mover Reviews for Marathon Moving

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To Sheila at Marathon Moving,

We just wanted to express our appreciation for all the hard work and patience our moving crew gave us this past Tuesday. We had 3 storage units as well as a mobile unit to empty into a 3 story house. It was not only a hot, muggy day, but our closing was delayed more than three hours. James and his crew were very patient and so understanding of our predicament – their humor and work ethic provided relief for a very stressful day. Marathon was referred to me by Tom Kelly at Pack Rat and I let him know how pleased we were with the service. We also gave our real estate agent Marathon’s contact information.

Thank you again –
Steve & Becky Marcoux

What is a Modular Home? Find out at a Factory Tour

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Last weekend, HandCrafted Homes had over 40 guests who wanted to further educate themselves on modular construction.  The Plant Tour Eventwas in our facility in Henderson, NC.  These tours have been very successful in educating home buyers to the advantages and benefits of modular homes. There is no better way to learn about modular construction than to see and touch it.


Now is the time to build a new home, with historic low interest rates and low property prices. Are you considering it? While doing your research, you have probably heard of modular homes or modular construction. But what is it?


Attend an upcoming factory tour to find out.  You will automatically receive a guaranteed $1,000 rebate paid directly to the homeowner when you purchase a new HandCrafted home.


You will also be registered for our monthly drawing:  $1,000 worth of free options.  Those that pre-register for the tour, are entered twice!


The next HandCrafted Homes factory tour will be held Saturday, August 8thRegister for the tour now to secure your chance to win.
For more information, or for additional tour dates, contact HandCrafted Homes at 866-587-1654.

Developers Can Use Tax Credits To Finance Projects

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Special To Banker & Tradesman

State, Federal Offsets Help Recover Costs In Tight Times

Many developers tend to think “traditional” when it comes to commercial real estate financing sources, resulting in a scramble to obtain the funds necessary to finance a project. Without knowledge of how to secure available federal and state tax credits specific to projects, developers unwittingly “leave money on the table.”

Tax credits allow a dollar-for-dollar offset against taxes due. As such, they act as a form of tax payment. Tax credits are not to be confused with a tax deduction, which reduces adjusted gross income and can lessen the tax due. Tax credit recipients can use the credit to offset taxes, or can sell the credit in order to gain income. Restrictions, limitations, recapture risk, compliance obligations and transferability of the tax credit are dependent on the type of tax credit issued.

A variety of tax credits exist, including those for historical remediation, low-income housing, renewable energy and brownfields projects.

Historic rehabilitation tax credits promote the rehabilitation of historic buildings by the private sector. This is one of the nations’ most successful and cost-effective community revitalization programs, as historic renovations – which are extremely expensive – may not otherwise be undertaken without this tax credit.

State and federal historical rehabilitation tax credits together can offset as much as 40 percent of a construction project’s budget and they can make or break the feasibility of resurrecting a building with significant community value. With these credits, preservation efforts are more economically appealing than replacement costs. Likewise, being designated as a historic place may increase property values, thereby enhancing the property’s economic bottom line.

The market for tax credits allows for the completion of often essential projects that might not otherwise see the light of day due to the difficulty of financing through traditional funding avenues.

It is important to note that the process of applying for, securing and monetizing tax credit awards is an information and document sensitive process which is enhanced by using a consultant, a broker or a syndicator, and at times a lawyer to complete the paperwork.

Energy Credit Revenue

There are two significant tax credits for renewable energy projectsinvestment tax credits (ITC) from capital investments in the technology and/or the facility that creates renewable energy; and renewable energy credits (RECs) that are generated as a result of the production of renewable energy.

ITCs amount to 30 percent of the project capital costs, whereas the REC formula is organic – for each megawatt hour of electricity a renewable energy project generates, the owner receives one REC. These RECs can then be sold, allowing the producer of the renewable energy to reap revenue from the credit.

RECs can be purchased from companies that supply power, natural gas, biomass, and energy products, or from any producer of renewable energy. This source of revenue subsidizes the operating costs of a renewable energy facility, which is necessary to allow said facilities to remain financially feasible. A REC is retired once it is sold, ensuring that the credit is used but once.

Increasingly, businesses are investing in RECs as a means to implement more eco-conscious practices. Purchasing RECs allows a company to support renewable energy development, even when it does not produce renewable energy and is not directly utilizing renewable energy for its consumption needs. RECs are designed to encourage the development and distribution of renewable energy technology and the production of renewable energy.

Recovering Cleanup Costs

Finally, mention needs to be made of the Massachusetts Brownfields Tax Credit. Although some commercial property owners will go out of their way to avoid brownfields sites, others recognize the benefits inherent in the brownfields tax credit, which is intended to encourage the reclamation of polluted property as well as to enhance economic growth by fostering the rehabilitation of abandoned properties.

If the property qualifies for the credit, costs related directly to the environmental clean-up – such as outlays to determine, contain or remove contamination – will apply toward the issuance of credit. By monetizing the credit, often a brownfields property owner that cannot or does not desire to use the tax credit can recover up to 50 percent of the eligible costs of cleaning up the site.

The tax credits outlined above illustrate a sound approach to attracting new investment and financial activity during a challenging economic climate.

For information on applying for selling or brokering any of the tax credits mentioned above, contact The Cherrytree Group. is the publisher of Banker & Tradesman

Use Tax Free Weekend to Get Home Improvement Projects Done

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There is a sales tax holiday coming up in Massachusetts. If you have any home improvement projects that need doing: gutters, insulation or fireplace inserts or stoves, this is your opportunity to save some money.

Gas and Wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts save you money on your heating bills. If you want a more efficient way to heat your home while adding ambiance, a fireplace is the answer. Many older homes in Worcester are drafty or inefficient, fireplace inserts and stoves increase your heating efficiency and add beauty to any room.

Speaking of those older drafty homes; new insulation is another way to improve your homes efficiency and decrease your heating bills. Insulating crawl spaces, attic spaces and drafty areas with either blanket, spray foam or blown-in insulation keeps your home the temperature you want it.

Need new gutters? Good, because tax free weekend will be the perfect time to get them. Weather you want aluminum gutters, a gutter guard system or copper gutters, a new gutter system will better protect your home.

For your home improvement projects, contact Custom Insulation.

Group Power for Weight Loss

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You are trying to lose weight. You have probably heard that muscles burns more calories than fat, and that ultimately, while you need cardio, strength training is essential for weight loss.

But if you get bored in the weight room, or you are not quite sure what to do with those weight machines, Group Power is the answer.

Group Power is your hour of power! this is a 60 minute barbell program that strengthens all your major muscles in an inspiring, motivating group environment with fantastic music and awesome instructors. With simple athletic movements such as squats, lunges, presses and curls, Group Power is for all ages and fitness levels. Discover Group Power at Answer is Fitness.

Watch the following video, and Contact Answer is Fitness to see what Group Power is all about.