Cheese in Raleigh

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If you live in an apartment in Raleigh, NC, you know that this week is all about cheese.

The Raleigh Downtown Farmers Market will celebrate cheese from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The  events include a grilled cheese cook-off with local chefs and local beer and cheese pairings from the North Carolina Brewers Guild. Beer and cheese tastings will start at 10:30 a.m. and last until the samples are gone!

You can taste some of the grilled cheese competition creations from noon to 1 p.m. for a suggested donation of $2 to benefit the market.

Music will be provided by Hopscotch Music Fest performers Wylie Hunter & The Cazadores of Chapel Hill.

If you are still craving some cheese, then head over to the Raleigh Convention Center on Saturday night for the Festival of Cheese hosted by the American Cheese Society.

The festival is open to the public from 7-9:30 p.m. and part of the 2012 American Cheese Society Conference which is taking over the venue starting Wednesday.

For the price of a ticket, you get unlimited food and beverage samples. And there will be a lot to sample with more than 1,700 cheeses entered into the ACS competition each year. There will also be craft beer, charcuterie, patés, preserves, smoked salmon, chutney, honey and crackers.

Beaufort, SC has an App

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If you live in an apartment in Beaufort, SC, then you should have the app. That’s right, The Beaufort SC 365 app is a travel guide built for smartphones and tablets,

The app has 153 entries at the moment, categorized much like a traditional travel book: Eat & Rest, Good To Know, History, Nature & Photo Opps, Peformances & the Arts, Shopping & Collecting, Recipes, and a few more.

The smart-platform provides clickability for GPS, maps, links and user comments. Right now 1,180 original photos illustrate the short entries, forming an enticing slideshow for users around the world.

In the next month, the app will be updated and expanded. The Beaufort SC 365 app will host pictures from the new Beaufort History Museum and Water Festival; links to audio-snippets from the BIG Story Fest; more Lowcountry cookin' ideas; dates for ARTworks' theater season; and new entries for Tabby Fabric & Studio in Beaufort and the Port Royal Sound Foundation on Lemon Island.

No advertisements are in the app. Everyone and everything is included based on their Beaufort-oriented wonderfulness, such as the sea turtle-shaped breads at SuZara's Kitchen. For information on Beaufort at your fingertips, get the app!

Info on the app at

With Digital Printing, Change the Image or the Message

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Printing a digital based image through a digital print engine, a production caliber inkjet or laser printer, is called digital printing.  It requires no film and no plates, and therefore, the cost of setup is minimal.  This lets you print very small quantities at low cost with very short turn-around time.

In fact, because there are no film and no plates, the output can be modified easily, allowing you to personalize the text or vary the image. With variable image printing, change the image on your printed piece; with variable data printing you can change the text. This way you can personalize every brochure or direct mail piece that you print. Use unique images for different clientele or use the same images and or change the message or salutation.
Digital printing at Blue Hill Press is the ideal solution for direct mail marketing or projects that require personalization.  Black-and-white or full color, we offer a cost-effective alternative to offset printing for your short-run needs without compromising print quality.

When you need to make a great impression with your digital prints, contact us.

What to Do When Your Client Melts Down

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For the client, the process of buying or selling a house—even if it’s their dream house—is never easy. From pre-qualifying for a loan to titles, … Continue reading

Your Customers Reuse Plastic Bags in Their Homes

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As a buyer of t shirt bags or plastic bags for your business, don’t be confused by the hype about reusable bags and paper bags.

Plastic bags have many uses and they are used over and over.  Think about your household and how often you re-use the plastic bags from the grocery store. We reuse these bags when we need to carry things, we use them for storage, we use them for shoes in suitcases or in sports bags, we use them as lunch bags and we use them when we walk the dog.

There are many households that bring home purchases in plastic bags and hardly ever throw them away until they have had significant use.  Grocery stores, clothing stores, gift shops all use plastic bags for purchases, and your customers are using those bags in their personal lives. It's amazing how many uses there are for plastic bags.  

They are convenient, durable and, when reused, safe for the environment. Contact Atlantic Poly for more information on plastic poly bags for your business.