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Thousands of spouses, adult children, family members and friends may be dealing with caring for someone in their lives who has Alzheimer's disease which progressively erodes the mind.

The Alzheimer's Association offers support groups, hotlines, education and personal consultations to help Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers. In addition, there are community resources that also are available with services.
Here are ways that loved ones can begin to prepare and cope:

Become educated
Knowledge is power. It is recommended to put resources into place right away when a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

The Alzheimer's Association provides free training programs for caregivers on topics from meeting challenges that will occur as Alzheimer's progresses and affects communication and behavior to making holidays more enjoyable.

Understanding Alzheimer's
Alzheimer's progresses through three stages that tends to last from eight to 20 years. In the beginning, people experiencing signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's are able to hide it such as through isolating themselves.

The second stage is when abnormal behavior escalates, even though family members are likely to believe the changes aren't serious.

Alzheimer's often is first diagnosed after an emergency occurs.

In this stage, the patient's abnormal thought processes can cause delusions, paranoia and hallucinations.

This is when caregiver stress gets really high.

In late stages, patients become uncommunicative and may not be able to recognize that a visitor is a family member and not someone they only vaguely remember.

This doesn't mean that all patients exhibit the same symptoms or progress in the same way. They are still individuals.

Know what isn't Alzheimer's
Not all dementia is Alzheimer's and for some who are exhibiting signs of confusion and abnormal behavior, dementia can be reversed with the right diagnosis and medical care. There are about 10 conditions -- some quite common -- that can produce dementia as side effects.

Surprisingly, urinary tract infections, thyroid deficiencies, depression and loss of vision or hearing also can lead to dementia-like symptoms that disappear or improve after the basic cause is treated or corrected.

Create legal documents
Two important documents to have are powers of attorney and advance directives.

Powers of attorney allow people to name who should make medical and financial decisions in the event they are unable to do so. This should be created when the Alzheimer's patient is in early stages; otherwise it won't be legally recognized if the patient already was incapacitated.

An advanced directive states how much life-prolonging care, such as through ventilators or feeding tubes, someone wants in any future medical crisis.

Make an emergency plan
Emergencies occur in caring for Alzheimer's patients that involve the caregiver or the patient. Make back-up plans in advance -- with a list of who to call, starting with the first contact to be made and who to call next if that person can't be reached.

Also, a side effect of Alzheimer's is wandering. A program called Safe Return, that supplies identification bracelets for patients and puts out alerts about those who are lost, also can locate family members through its registry.

Get extra help
Being a caregiver for an Alzheimer's patient is notoriously stressful, but there are services that can provide respite care and in-home help. If you have done all that you can and it is time to bring your loved one to assisted living in Richmond, VA, contact Spring Arbor.

Premier Food Festival in Columbia, SC

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Viva La Vista is Columbia's premier food festival located in the heart of the Congaree Vista in downtown Columbia, South Carolina. Covering nearly four city blocks, the festival spans Lincoln Street from Lady to Senate and parts of Gervais Street. If you live in an apartment in West Columbia, SC, you can enjoy this festival this weekend.

Viva La Vista celebrates the fall with lots of live music (over 18 bands), beverages and, of course, a taste of The Vista’s most popular restaurants.

Bring your family and friends to Viva La Vista, Saturday September 29th from noon to 7:00pm (Beer, wine and music from 11:30-7:00pm & food from noon to 5pm).

The event is free to the public and tokens can be pre-purchased or purchased on the day of the event. Walk the streets and sample food from more than 20 restaurants in the Vista, as well as, kids entertainment and much more!

More information on

Tailgating Recipes

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Our apartments in Roanoke, VA are located near major colleges and universities and the fall semester has begun. This means you get to enjoy tailgating at home with the NFL, and tailgating in the lot with our college teams.

No game is complete without a little tailgating. Whether you are tailgating indoors or out, chill the beer, put on your game day jersey and check out these football-friendly foods. And don’t forget, on game day, minimize the need for utensils and keep the food as handheld as possible.

While this may sound a bit superfluous and excessive, we must keep in mind that tailgating can never be overdone.

Breakfast- After getting to the stadium early, one must immediately toss a tender rib-eye steak on the grill and prepare to sizzle several double-sized eggs over the top of the meat in preparation of a feast.

Once breakfast is finished, lunch time seems to be quickly approaching.

A selection of sweet and spicy sausages, grilled with oily, and crispy onions and tri-colored peppers.

Easy - For cooking enthusiasts, there is no better method than using the crockpot, as preparation time is limited and waiting time is endless.

On the Friday before the game, combine brown sugar, pepper, onion powder, paprika, salt, garlic powder and cayenne with the pork before refrigerating the mixture for at least eight hours.
When ready to cook, rub the pork concoction together with apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and vegetable oil. Then place in the crockpot for up to 10 hours, after which we separate the pork with a fork.
All it will take is 30-40 minutes of reheat time on Sunday, with buns warm and ready to go.

Best burgers - 32 ounces of sirloin, 12 strips of bacon, four large eggs, eight slices of preferred cheese and four Kaiser buns are the ingredients to a heavenly, and life-threatening burger.

After grilling the eggs and bacon in the same pan, toss the succulent (already-grilled) burger on the plate and cover it.

When both buns are thoroughly buttered, toss the burger, cheese-covered eggs, bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion on them.

Chili - Essentially the easiest dish on this list.

After chopping the meat of choice into cubes and slicing the onions, peppers and cilantro, the chef must toss all the accoutrement into a large pot.

While the canned. strained beans and wide array of spices are expected, there's one ingredient that makes this the luscious production the best ever. Adding a dark beer of choice, such as a porter or stout, will make this one memorable delicacy.

Bleacher Report

Buying a Home May not be for You

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They Say that this is a great time to buy a home. Unless you don’t want to buy one.

Luxury apartment homes are social networks and great communities, with high-end apartment amenities, in great locations that many cannot afford in homes they own.

Abberly Crest luxury apartments in Lexington Park that offer amenities to lure young Marylanders who are not interested in or not ready to invest in a home.

With resident socials, pools, state-of-the-art fitness centers, billiards, and parking, many can’t get that when thinking about buying a home.

With no condo fees, no service fees, and no neighborhood allowances, apartments in Lexington Park, MD owned by HHHunt are a perfect choice for those who would prefer to live luxuriously, and have fun in their down time in a community that is worth every cent.

Many renters appreciate that rent is stable and there are no fees that sometimes creep up on homeowners.

Now, luxury rentals that offer a wide range of services have caught the attention of some locals who would rather live an effortless lifestyle than own a home, which they no longer see as a profitable asset, even though home prices are low and supply is high.

"I think for a period of time, young people thought of housing as an investment but so many people got burned on it being an investment so they're thinking about shelter. They're thinking, 'What do I want for shelter?'" said Susanne Cannon, chairwoman of DePaul's department of real estate.

A core demographic for renters now is the affluent, young professional. A lot of people are a somewhat disillusioned with the prospect of owning a home and don't see it as the surefire investment it once was. Many don’t see it as attractive to be tied down to a home for a few years.

For information in renting in Lexington Park, MD, contact Abberly Crest Apartments.

Excerpts – RedEye

Modular Homes are Becoming More and More Popular

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In the last few years, modular homes have been becoming more and more popular in Bismarck, ND, for good reason. Since their catastrophic flood, local contractors are so busy, and then there`s the time and cost of traditionally building a home. So some people are looking to buying modular homes instead.

This is a national trend. Many companies selling modular homes are growing to meet the demand of people who just don’t want to wait on contractors, or wait all that time while their house is being built. In today’s “immediate gratification” society, who want to wait that long for a newly built, custom designed home?  Many people are discovering that they are getting a better deal with modular construction.

Another advantage to modular homes is the ability to customize your home and not just the floor plans but with some of the details like the cabinetry, appliances, and even the type of flooring.

Modular home builders are doing all kinds of customization for people, by being so accommodating and adaptable, the modular construction market is quickly growing.
In Bismarck, flooded home owners are finding that modular homes area good alternative to rebuilding or renting.

Manufacturers of modular homes save money by purchasing supplies and appliances in bulk rather than for individual houses. That cost savings is often passed onto the new home buyer.

For more information on building a modular home in New England, contact Avalon Building Systems.