Ways to Cut Your Risk of Breast Cancer

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As most people know, exercise and eating healthy can help reduce your risk of getting breast cancer as well as other types of cancers. Answer is Fitness would like to tell you about some other ways to decrease that risk.

Exercise at least three times a week (more often is even better)

When you exercise, work to keep your heart rate above its baseline level for a minimum of 20 continuous minutes. Long walks are nice too, but it's the more vigorous exercise, exercise that makes you sweat that really helps your heart and cuts your cancer risk.

Maintain your body weight, or lose weight if you're overweight

Research shows that being overweight or obese, especially after menopause, increases your risk, especially if you put on the weight as an adult. A study shows that obese and overweight women also had lower breast cancer survival rates and a greater chance of more aggressive disease than average-weight or underweight women.

Do a monthly breast self-exam

Be sure to get proper instruction from your doctor and have your technique reviewed regularly. You might catch a lump, and it's a good idea to follow the changes in your body.

Have a mammogram once a year after 40

Catching a tumor early boosts the chance of survival significantly: The five-year survival rate can be as high as 98% for the earliest-stage localized disease, but hovers around 27% for the distant-stage, or metastatic, disease.

For a weight loss and nutrition plan specific to your body and needs, contact Answer is Fitness.


Personal Training for Before-Holiday-Season Weight Loss

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Next week is October. Pretty soon the holidays will be here, and we’ll be fighting the holiday/winter bulge. Get in shape and lose weight before you feel the pressure, before the holidays start.

Through personal training you can work on specific target areas where you want to lose weight. Maybe you gain weight on your hips first, or your arms aren’t as toned as they used to be. With personal training, your trainer will design a custom fitness program just for you and your target areas. A personalized training program will have your specific goals in mind.

Whether you are comfortable using the gym equipment or you feel like a novice, personal training can still design the best plan with the best exercises to help you reach your before-holiday-weight-loss-goals.

But personal training also allows you emotional and social support along with a path to meet your fitness goals. Contact Answer is Fitness to set up your personal training appointment.

Weight Loss and Maintaining Weight Lost

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You started a walking program or recently joined the gym, but you haven’t seen any progress with weight loss. What gives?

Well, if you haven’t put any effort into changing your food intake, you have probably seen less movement on the scale than you wanted.

Many people think that working out is synonymous with weight loss. However, research confirms that without changes in eating habits, increasing activity is not that effective in weight loss. It is, however, effective for maintaining weight, preventing weight gain, or maintaining a weight loss already achieved

There are very many benefits from being active though.  It is important to get off the couch.

Regular physical activity has tremendous health benefits, from helping to manage hypertension and diabetes to the prevention of a host of diseases including some cancers. Not to mention improved mood, better sleep, higher energy levels, stress relief, etc.

By itself, there will not be dramatic weight loss results when you just focus on activity. For weight management and overall health, physical activity and changes in your food consumption work best as a combination.

Here’s how it works. In order to lose weight, there needs to be an overall deficit of calories. Calories come from the foods we eat. We also expend calories throughout the day to support our body’s function and activity.

It takes a lot of strenuous activity to produce enough of a sizable calorie deficit to see weight loss results. However, small changes in your usual food consumption can yield big calorie “savings.”

So, if you’re disappointed that all that working out hasn’t resulted in fast weight loss, consider turning your attention towards the food choices you make daily.

Keep moving, but look for easy ways to “save” calories throughout the day. For more information and individualized guidance for weight management, contact Answer is Fitness.

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A Slow and Steady Energy Boost

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Do you find you run out of energy in the afternoon or evening? For most of us, once we get home from work, our day really needs to kick into gear, yet this is when we find that we are running out of steam.
Rather than an afternoon cup of coffee, there is another way to boost your energy. Exercise actually gives you more energy. It has been proven that regular exercise increase your energy level, decreases stress, and improves your overall attitude.

But perhaps you are not in the mood for a full-blown group exercise class. There is another option. Yoga.

Yoga is also restorative. A  study found that people who followed an eight-week yoga and meditation program had a significant increase in daily energy. And women who regularly practiced Hatha yoga had 41% less of a stress causing compound in their blood than those who did not. In yoga, for every a single pose you bring freshly oxygenated blood to your organs because of the type of deep breathing that's incorporated into the practice.

If you are interested in trying yoga and reaping its benefits, contact Answer is Fitness.

Health Club Membership Sale

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It is true; those who work out with others, do personal training, or look forward to their exercise routine are more committed to losing weight. As with anything, if you are not motivated and having fun while you get in shape, you won’t do it. The same goes for weight loss.
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