Beaufort Shrimp Festival

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Home owners and those who live in apartments in Beaufort, SC can enjoy the Annual Beaufort Shrimp Festival on Friday, October 5th, 6-10 pm and Saturday, October 6th, 11 am – 5 pm  at waterfront park in downtown Beaufort.

Main Street Beaufort, USA and the South Carolina Shrimpers Association are gearing up for the 18th Annual Beaufort Shrimp Festival.  This two-day festival is a celebration of local food and fun in the Lowcountry.  The festivities kick off at 6 p.m. on Friday.  Be ready to dance your shrimp tails off and come with an empty stomach!  An abundance of SC Wild Caught Shrimp as well as other non-shrimp southern food will be available.

The South Carolina Shrimpers Association brings you this fun filled event. There will be live entertainment by Stud Farm while you enjoy crafts, shrimp and fun in the Waterfront Park. There will be plenty of fun, food and kids activity, including a Children’s Shrimp Peeling Competition. There is a Craft Market which opens at noon on Friday.

Saturday, October 6, at 8:00 am is the festival’s popular 5K Run and Walk Through History, followed by The Popcorn Shrimp Run for ages 7 and under. This will begin at 8:45 a.m.

There will also be fresh South Carolina wild caught shrimp sold off working shrimp boats, local restaurants serving wild caught local shrimp. But don’t worry there will be choices for those who only want turf rather than surf.

“Dance Your Shrimp Tails Off and Come With an Empty Stomach!”

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Many Choose to Rent Long Term

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From cars and apartments in Beaufort, SC to clothing and furniture, huge numbers of the "Recession Generation" (20- to 34-year-olds) are choosing to rent their possessions and homes, according to Bloomberg.

It's understandable -- in the wake of the Great Recession, the jobless rate has topped 8% for three years, student-loan debt totals $1 trillion, and among those able to get jobs right out of school, the median starting salary is a measly $27,000. All while the real costs of many everyday goods have risen.

Does it make sense to rent long term, rather than buy?

Rent vs. Buy: A Home

Many say buying makes more sense than renting. Except when it doesn't.

First, you have to qualify for a mortgage, which may not be easy for those drowning in student loans or who racked up credit card debt during their college years (or years searching for a job). When you rent apartments with HHHunt apartment homes, we report your timely rent payments to credit agencies to help you build your credit score.

You'll also need to have a down payment, which, for most, is the difficult part. As Trulia's chief economist explains, "It may be cheaper to buy than to rent in a particular city, but it takes more than 8 years to save enough for a down payment."

So while buying a home is what many expect, it may not be a feasible choice if your finances are in turmoil -- or if you want the ability to easily move.

For information on renting an apartment in Beaufort, SC contact Ashton Pointe Apartment Homes.

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Should You Rent or Buy in Beaufort?

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Considering all of the volatility in the housing market in recent years, does it really make sense to own a home? Or is it better to rent an apartment in Beaufort, SC?

It used to be that the American dream included owning a home. Now the pendulum seems to have swung dramatically in the other direction. Since the housing bubble burst, some are beginning to rethink the conventional wisdom that owning a home is a good investment, even though declines in home prices have made purchasing and owning one somewhat more affordable.

Home prices and interest rates are only one consideration, as many found out during the housing market bust. Home ownership is great if are going to settle in the same place for around 10 years and can continue to afford the payments. Unfortunately, these circumstances can be unpredictable.

When deciding to buy or rent a home, financial considerations are important, but lifestyle issues should also be taken into account.

Be sure to consider everything when it comes to homeownership; benefits should be tempered by other considerations. Taking on a mortgage obligates you to live up to the terms of the loan for years, and homes typically require a significant investment in maintenance and occasional improvements. And as far as an investment, there's no guarantee you will be able to sell your property for more than what you paid for it.

Renting is a realistic starting point for most. As your savings grow and your credit score rises, you might be in a position to qualify for a mortgage and make the leap to home ownership. But choosing the right time to buy is important -- you need to feel secure that your sources of income will be there for the long run.

Lifestyle considerations. Personal traits and current life circumstances are other considerations as you assess whether to buy or rent.

Homeowners should be up to the task of maintaining their own property; from lawn work to minor home repairs. It also means being able to pay for professionals to do occasional work, including plumbers, electricians and carpenters. Renters enjoy a more maintenance-free lifestyle.

Another issue is the need for mobility. Those who are quite certain they can count on their job being in the same area can feel more comfortable making the jump to home ownership, provided they can afford it. Those who expect to be on the move for a job change or educational opportunities in the next three to five years might appreciate the relative mobility they have as a renter.

What's right for you?

There is no "one-size-fits-all" answer to the question of whether you should own or rent your home. A good starting point is to honestly answer questions such as:

Are you comfortable with your current life circumstances and income stability?

Are you disciplined in managing your expenses and paying off debts on a timely basis?

Are you fairly confident you won't be required to move to another city or area in the next five years for personal, work or education purposes?

Interested in renting in Beaufort, SC? Contact Ashton Pointe Apartment Homes.

Beaufort Area Events

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If you live in an apartment in Beaufort, SC, there are a few events coming up in September, sponsored by ArtWorks.

Book Signing & Reception
Local authors Jack Gannon and Cyndi Williams Barnier will debut their first novel entitled "MURDER IN TWOS AND THREES" at ARTworks In Beaufort Town Center, located in Beaufort, SC. The book signing and reception will take place on September 15, from 2-4pm.  A short reading from a portion of the book will take place at 2 pm.
2012 Fall River/Beach Sweep
Register at North Beach. Saturday, September 15th at 10am.
Please join Friends of Hunting Island and help keep our Park, Beach and Beautiful Trails clean.
 Street Music on Paris Avenue
This is a free Saturday concert series that is a gift from the Town of Port Royal and produced by ARTworks. On September 22nd come see The Kruger Brothers.  All the concerts are free at 6pm. Be sure to bring your chairs and dancing shoes.  The rain location is The Shed, adjacent to the street venue, in Old Village Port Royal.
For more information, contact  
Guy Davis in concert at Beaufort Academy also presented by ARTworks on Saturday, September 29, at 7:30pm. For more information,

Laugh at The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

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If you live in an apartment in Beaufort, SC and you want to really laugh, there is a show being presented by ArtWorks that is just for  you. "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged" ~  by Adam Long, Daniel Singer & Jess Winfield.

All 37 Plays in 97 Minutes! An irreverent, fast-paced romp through the Bard’s play.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) was born when three inspired, comics premiered their preposterous masterwork at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1987. It quickly became a worldwide phenomenon, earning the title of London's second-longest-running comedy. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) is one of the world's most frequently produced plays, and has been translated into several dozen languages.

Featured are all 37 of Shakespeare's plays, meant to be performed in 97 minutes, by three actors. Fast paced, witty, and physical, it's full of laughter for Shakespeare lovers and haters alike.

"If you like Shakespeare, you’ll like this show. If you hate Shakespeare, you’ll love this show!" The Today Show

Production Dates:
September 13 - 15th at 7:30pm; September 16th at 3pm; September 20 - 22nd at 7:30pm; September 23rd at 3pm
Thur Sept. 13 and Thur Sept. 20 are "Pay What You Can" Performances ($5 minimum)

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