Time Warner Cable BBQ & Blues in Charlotte

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It’s time to crank up the grills and fire up the smokers for the 10th annual Time Warner Cable BBQ and Blues, if you live in an apartment in Charlotte, NC. BBQ and Blues is the Southeast’s largest MBN sanctioned BBQ festival! It’s a Carolina good time with great food, great fun and great music at NC Music Factory October 12 - 13!

Championship grilling and rockin' blues make beautiful music together Aside from outrageously good eats, the Southeast's largest Memphis BBQ Network sanctioned fest boasts pig races, cornhole, a 5K Hog Jog and two rocking stages throughout the day.

Festival attendees get a crash course in BBQ. More than 90 teams will compete for their piece of the $25,000 prize and the coveted Governor’s Cup Trophy. Nationally recognized teams bring their best in Whole Hog, Pork Shoulders and Ribs while the Backyard Grillers (local and regional teams) cook up their favorite Pork Butt or Ribs.

It will be a rockin’ 2 days of beer drinking, pork eating and shaking your pig tail at the Official Memphis BBQ Network Championship Cook-Off!  Time Warner Cable BBQ & Blues features a variety of fun for everybody. From food to music to midway games and activities, this Charlotte, NC tradition has become the official kickoff to the Fall season!

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Charlotte Walking Food Tour

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If you live in an apartment in Charlotte, NC, and you love food, this Saturday you can enjoy our fabulous restaurants.  Uptown Charlotte is bulging with national corporate and celebrity restaurants and you can enjoy them in depth at the Uptown Chic Behind-the-Scenes Walking Food Tour.

You may have eaten at some of them, but have you ever really gotten to know what they are all about? Did you ever know their specialty may not be what you think? Do you get to go into the kitchen and have the chef give you a cooking demonstration?

On the Uptown Chic Behind-the-Scenes Walking Food Tour, we will go in-depth with Executive Chefs and General Managers to learn the restaurant’s history, see cooking demonstrations, tour some kitchens, get wine pairing advice, and sample their undiscovered specialties.

What’s involved in the tour: Tastings and/or sips of their signature menu items at six upscale dining establishments. Cooking demonstrations with Chefs at multiple locations.  Behind-the-scenes access to these chic restaurant kitchens. Surprising insight and history of each brand and their operation.  In-Depth wine pairing education with a Sommelier to get the best out of wine lists. Discover undiscovered Charlotte landmarks and their history along the way.

  • When: Saturdays
  • Time: 3pm – 6pm – 3 hours
  • Where: Meeting location will be provided with ticket purchase
  • Transportation: Your feet! This is a walking tour.
  • Distance covered: about 2 miles
  • Complimentary Parking
  • The amount of tastings on the tour is equivalent to a light meal.

More information on feastfoodtours.com

Should You Rent or Buy in Charlotte?

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Considering all of the volatility in the housing market in recent years, does it really make sense to own a home? Or is it better to rent an apartment in Charlotte, NC?

It used to be that the American dream included owning a home. Now the pendulum seems to have swung dramatically in the other direction. Since the housing bubble burst, some are beginning to rethink the conventional wisdom that owning a home is a good investment, even though declines in home prices have made purchasing and owning one somewhat more affordable.

Home prices and interest rates are only one consideration, as many found out during the housing market bust. Home ownership is great if are going to settle in the same place for around 10 years and can continue to afford the payments. Unfortunately, these circumstances can be unpredictable.

When deciding to buy or rent a home, financial considerations are important, but lifestyle issues should also be taken into account.

Be sure to consider everything when it comes to homeownership; benefits should be tempered by other considerations. Taking on a mortgage obligates you to live up to the terms of the loan for years, and homes typically require a significant investment in maintenance and occasional improvements. And as far as an investment, there's no guarantee you will be able to sell your property for more than what you paid for it.

Renting is a realistic starting point for most. As your savings grow and your credit score rises, you might be in a position to qualify for a mortgage and make the leap to home ownership. But choosing the right time to buy is important -- you need to feel secure that your sources of income will be there for the long run.

Lifestyle considerations. Personal traits and current life circumstances are other considerations as you assess whether to buy or rent.

Homeowners should be up to the task of maintaining their own property; from lawn work to minor home repairs. It also means being able to pay for professionals to do occasional work, including plumbers, electricians and carpenters. Renters enjoy a more maintenance-free lifestyle.

Another issue is the need for mobility. Those who are quite certain they can count on their job being in the same area can feel more comfortable making the jump to home ownership, provided they can afford it. Those who expect to be on the move for a job change or educational opportunities in the next three to five years might appreciate the relative mobility they have as a renter.

What's right for you?

There is no "one-size-fits-all" answer to the question of whether you should own or rent your home. A good starting point is to honestly answer questions such as:

Are you comfortable with your current life circumstances and income stability?

Are you disciplined in managing your expenses and paying off debts on a timely basis?

Are you fairly confident you won't be required to move to another city or area in the next five years for personal, work or education purposes?

Interested in renting in Charlotte, NC? Contact Auston Woods Apartment Homes.


Fashion in Charlotte

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If you live in an apartment in Charlotte, NC you can step into fall fashion during Charlotte International Fashion Week at The Blake Hotel September 12 - 15. Designers from right here in Charlotte as well as abroad will feature new and emerging looks for any style.

Charlotte North Carolina Fashion Week has a new name, a new venue, and a new roster of designers participating in its’ 5th annual Fashion Week. Now known as “Charlotte International Fashion Week”, the multi-cultural fashion event will take place at the newly renovated Blake Hotel in Uptown Charlotte, and will showcase over 20 talented Emerging Designers from around the region and the country as well as several local boutiques and retailers.

Craving more couture? Unlock your inner fashionista with Charlotte Seen Fashion Week September 18 - 22, at NC Music Factory with additional runway shows and events touting the hottest looks for fall and beyond.  Charlotte Seen Fashion Week, September 188 – 22, includes some the most prestigious couture and bridal collections, extraordinary fashion designers, competition for emerging designers and the finale of the recyclable designers.

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Declining Homeownership for a Mobile Generation

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Back in the day, owning a home was a symbol of maturity — you were all grown up, working hard and living the American dream.

Today, the American dream may not be the same for a new generation that wants or may need to be more mobile, have more discretionary income and not be tied to a place that may one day need a new roof or furnace.

Nationally, home ownership rates have steadily declined and are dropping most rapidly among younger people.

Whether it’s a sign of economic times, the result of homes lost to foreclosures, more stringent financing rules, new and more upscale rental properties or a fundamental sea change for the American dream remains to be seen.

The belief that home ownership is a form of savings and preparing for retirement has become a myth.

Home values have dropped, qualifying for a mortgage is harder than it used to be, and people need and want to be more mobile. They don’t want to be tethered down to home ownership.

And the new generation of apartments in Charlotte, NC can now provide the same lifestyle and sense of community as a single-family home.

Today apartments have a clubhouse, swimming pools, fitness centers, dog parks and grill areas, and other apartment amenities to create that community feel.

Buying a home no longer makes sense for some people. Overall, the old home ownership habit is somewhat dated for some people. Housing is a choice and should reflect your lifestyle and priorities.

For information on Renting in Charlotte, NC, contact Auston Woods Apartments.

Excerpts from The Coloradoan