Renting Generators Makes More Sense To Businesses

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Many companies are still buying, rather than renting standby power equipment, despite the numerous benefits of renting the equipment, especially during times of economic difficulty.

However, in many companies the pendulum is swinging the other way. They are starting to understand that it’s all about outsourcing and bringing specialists in.

Many smaller and developing businesses are reluctant to try rental services possibly because there has not always been a viable alternative to buying equipment and that specialist rental companies, with attractive rates and a full 24-hour service operation, were rare in the past.

ElecComm Power is changing the perception by showing the advantages of renting standby power equipment.

Companies do not have to own a generator. Owning a generator or other source of standby power entails many hidden costs, such as insurance, maintenance fees, spare parts and ancillary items.

Rental generators lowers capital expenditure and reduces a company’s risk; companies will also not have to deal with the problem of unused equipment during periods of downtime.

Rental generators also provides rapid availability and flexibility. By providing a turnkey solution, businesses who rent from ElecComm know that rental generators will be readily available if anything goes wrong.

A customer who has opted to own their own generator doesn’t always know what needs to be done to maintain a generator or what it requires when problems arise. This could lead to critical failure.

When renting, generators maintenance need not be a worry for the customer. Should complications arise, the rental company takes responsibility.

Similarly, where an emergency power supply is required, rentals can step in within hours.

Scalability is another key factor that makes renting preferable to buying because, as companies change, so do their power requirements.

Companies save on capital and are not left with an unused or underused generator, which would not only collect dust but could also pose a safety hazard.

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Rental Generators Have Many Uses in Many Sectors

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There are many uses for renting portable generators. Most importantly, rental generators can help you keep your business afloat in case of an outage.

For temporary, standby, and emergency power, a portable generator can be an ideal solution for many types of circumstances. When power is not available a portable generator can be used to supply back up or emergency power-supply if there is an outage.

Many different types of industries use generators to produce temporary power. On constructions sites, rental generators can provide temporary power by for a construction trailer, construction tools, welders, lighting or even security cameras. On farms and ranches, portable generators can often be found giving temporary power to irrigation pumps before power lines are installed.

When electricity is really critical, rental generators can be used as standby power to run as a back up power source. Emergency power can be provide to hospitals and medical facilities, large computer servers, and warehouses and distribution centers by using portable rental generators.
Loss of life, loss of perishable products, loss of revenue, or loss of data could be caused by a power grid failure. When a power grid crashes a standby generator can automatically turn on in order to protect patients, data, and profitability.

For information on rental generators in New England, contact ElecComm Power Services.

Rental Generators and Chillers for Fall Festivals

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Fall festival season is here. If you are planning a fall festival for your town or community, be sure you have reliable rental generators and chillers.

Every festival needs a portable generator to power those rides and games and to supply lights and air conditioning. Contact ElecComm Power for your rental generator needs;  we will help you decide which will be best for your event from a complete line of rental-ready and environmentally-friendly generators. ElecComm Power can meet all of your power requirements and we will supply you with everything you need in supplemental power supplies such as cables and distribution panels.

But don’t forget the rental chillers. One large, main chiller or several smaller chillers will keep festival food safe. Make transporting food easier with on-site rental chillers which allows volunteers to help in other areas of the event.

Contact ElecComm Power for all of your outdoor fall festival needs.

Unplanned Power Outages Should Not Stop Business

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Unfortunately unplanned power outages occur very regularly. Despite their prominence in the news, businesses still leave their power to chance by not adopting an emergency power contingency plan.

This week a construction accident out west involving a crane and power lines left two towns without power. Numerous organizations were left without power because of the loss of electricity.

Rental generators are the easy solution. Commercial generators can keep your business open when your competition is closed due to unplanned power outages. Unplanned loss of power effects commerce and challenges your business in an already shaky economy.

Contact ElecComm Power Services for information on rental commercial generators and emergency power contingency plans.

ElecComm for Emergency Power Needs

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Extremely hot weather and extremely cold weather tax electric companies and infrastructure. But these are not the only causes of emergency power failures.  Overgrown trees, lightning, snow, ice, and mechanical failures and accidents can also cause severe and extended power outages.

When your business loses power you are in the hands of the utility companies. Rental generators are the perfect solution to keep your business online and up and running while your competition is floundering.

As a utility company, sometimes power outages are more than you can handle quickly. ElecComm Power Services has come to the aid of many electric and utility companies in the New England area.  Recently an underwater cable supplying power to Martha’s Vineyard failed. The island was left without power during the peek season. The local utility company called ElecComm Power Services for an emergency power solution.

For your emergency power needs, contact us.