MYT Custom Tie-Down – M10 version

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This is an update on our M10 tie-down. We have been rushing to restock these, having sold out almost immediately. We never thought that they would be so popular! We are going to have more ready by the week of the 15th, hopefully on that Monday.

MYT Damper Bridge Plate

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MYT Damper bridge plate

The wait will be soon over! We are putting the final touches on the MYT Damper Bridge Plate. No screws or special attachments required, the MYT Damper Bridge Plate can be positioned anywhere on your MYT Glide/slider rails and locked into place with 2 adjustable latches. The latches are designed to stay clear from the rails, preventing possible scratches on the surface. A simple, beautiful system that holds a damper with a 2 inch displacement. The damper depth is also adjustable. On the Bridge Plate itself, we added numerous threaded and unthreaded through-hole options, so it can be used as a mounting board. The Bridge Plate is also precisely lined up with the carriage body, relieving the operator from worrying about any alignment issues. We expect availability and pricing in late October. We’ll be offering two models. One for the MYT Glide Medium and one for the MYT Glide Large. Pictures coming soon.

MYT Camera Hi-Hat Flat Base Platform

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Here is one item that’s been sitting on the back burner for a while. Thanks to a camera operator’s request, it is finally seeing the light of day and will be ready for production in the next couple of weeks.

The patent-pending latch mechanism present on our MYT 3-in-1 slider dolly skater combo allows for a near-instantaneous switch of the Hi-Hat between your MYT Glide and Skate. We’ve capitalized on this feature in our upcoming Hi-Hat Flat Base Platform. Simply remove the Hi-Hat from your MYT slider or Skate and latch it onto the 12″x12″ Platform equipped with the same latch system.

You can use the Hi-Hat Flat Base Platform on any surface or mount, and switch the Hi-Hat out with ease. Now you can use your system in 4 different ways – sliding on the Glide, rolling on the Skate, static on the Hi-Hat rods, and mounted on the Hi-Hat Flat Base Platform.

This is an industry first that allows for far greater flexibility than any other Hi-Hat configuration currently available. Furthermore, you can mount any Medium or Large MYT Hi-Hat, be it 100mm, 150mm, Flat Mount or Mitchell, without having to screw in the Hi-Hat. Use SRP Locking Bolts for greater security, or, for a quick shot, just load the Hi-Hat on with no setup required. You can also change out the Bowl/Mount on your MYT Hi-Hat while on location – never has a Hi-Hat base or platform been so versatile.

The height can vary as well with the use of different rod lengths or by stacking up rods incrementally. We have SR1″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″, 7″ and 12″ models available, and the 1″ and 3″ ones come in stainless steel as well for added strength.

Add to this the novel ways we’ve devised for mounting the Flat Base Platform itself. Each corner of the 12″x12″ square will be equipped with a snap-and-latch system that leaves space for any rod with a 1 1/4″ diameter. Purchase any rods with this diameter and set the Platform to any height you want. Also use with our Baby Feet on slippery or fragile surfaces.

Equally important, we peppered the entire platform with 3/8-16 through holes, 1/4-20 and 1/2-13, all in an odd/even configuration allowing for both threaded and unthreaded taps. We can only begin to imagine the numerous applications that await this MYT Hi-Hat Flat Base Platform. We are looking forward to making it available right away.

There is simply no other Hi-Hat configuration like this available today. Further details will be posted soon.

MYT 10′ and 12′ Large Glides (camera slider dollies)

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Check out the beautiful 10 and 12ft Large MYT Glide slider dollies that we sent out yesterday! Each one is packed in a custom-made foam-lined wooden crate for secure transport. On the 12 footer you can see a second carriage – this is so the client can use two cameras on the Glide at the same time. Our engineers love working on custom orders, so don’t hesitate to inquire if you have something special in mind.

MYT Camera Underslung

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Our MYT Underslung system is finally coming out of manufacturing. It took us a bit longer than anticipated, but the final system is definitely worth it. We expect to begin selling the modular systems by mid-October.

The bottom carriage was a very challenging part to make and required a more comprehensive tool setup than we expected. Hence the delay. However, we are quite excited to add this innovative system to our roster of professional tools.

We’ll be posting pictures as soon as we can. Medium and Large MYT Underslung systems will be available in the middle of October.