Pay Less for Home Energy Bills

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As gas prices continue to rise and with rumors of those prices reaching $5/gallon by the summer, every way we can save a buck is important. Every home owner wants to know how to save money on energy bills. According to Ecomall, Americans together use nearly one million dollars worth of energy every minute.

Right now, money is tight for many, in order to stretch your dollar further here are some helpful tips that can lead to cutting down on your overall energy costs:

Heating and Cooling

Insulating your home's walls and ceilings and using caulk and weather stripping to plug air leaks near doors and windows saves 20 to 30 percent on your home's heating and air-conditioning bills.

One of the easiest ways to cut down on heating and cooling costs is to simply turn your thermostat's heat down a few degrees cooler than you normally would in the winter and turning your air-conditioning up a few degrees warmer than you normally would in the summer. For every degree that you adjust your home's temperature, you will reduce your home's energy use by 1 to 3% each month and will see a similar price reduction when you receive your monthly bill.

Close the doors of any rooms that aren't being used to contribute to a reduction in the amount of heating or air-conditioning that you will need in your home. Keep large pieces of furniture away from any heating registers or air-conditioning ducts and if you have a chimney, make sure that the flue is closed when your chimney is not in use to keep large amounts of air from entering or exiting your home.

Around the House

Clean or replace air filters every few months since more energy is lost when air conditioners and furnaces have to work harder to push air through a dirty filter. This simple task can cut down on 5 percent of the energy that you use in your home.

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Heat Pumps Reduce Carbon Emissions

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Heat pumps offer massive potential to reduce carbon emissions.
Ground source heat pumps offer a practical, carbon efficient alternative to conventional heating technology and an effective way for housing associations to reach the minimum levels required by the higher code standards. The latest heat pumps, are four times more efficient than conventional gas boilers or electric heating systems.

Where heat pumps are used for heating, they are capable of highly cost efficient energy applications because they tap into a limitless supply of clean, pollution free heat from the ground beneath us. All the home owner will end up paying for is the energy used to transport that heat.

A ground source heat pump works by extracting heat that has built up a few meters below the ground. Special pipes are buried beneath the ground and they extract the heat and deliver it to the heat pump unit. The more piping that is installed, the more heat can be extracted and so this depends on the size of the property requiring the heat.

These types of heat pumps can be used at any time of the year as the heat beneath the ground is always at a constant temperature, heat pumps are clearly set to become even more important in the future.

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Annual Dryer Vent Inspections are More Important than Ever

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How many times have you left your home and thought, did I leave the iron on? Did I turn off the coffee maker? Is the dryer running?

Well, now you can forget about the dryer. While we don’t recommend you leave it running when you are out of your home, you can rest assured if you do.

If you live in or around Newport News, VA Tidewater Service would like to set your mind at ease by cleaning your dryer vent.

As you know, lint can build up in your dryer vent. This can cause exhaust problems that can cause potentially hazardous situation like carbon monoxide poisoning as well as exhaust fires.

Many of you have gas clothes dryers. If it is improperly vented or if the exhaust duct is blocked by lint, carbon monoxide can be forced back into the home.

Because of the complex construction of homes today, dryer vent inspections are more necessary than ever, especially if your dryer is not located near an outside wall. Dryers in kitchens, bathrooms and hall closets are convenient, but from a safety standpoint they are more dangerous.

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Reliability of Heating and Cooling Systems Depends on Maintenance

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Reliability of furnace, air conditioning directly related to how it's cared for.

Homeowners depend on their home heating and cooling systems to keep them comfortable year round. The reliability of these systems is directly related to proper maintenance.

Here is some insight into what homeowners need to know.

A lot of newer homes are going with baseboard heating, which is affordable but many people find it produces a very dry heat. Many HVAC specialists feel the best way to go is a central ventilation system because you can do everything that way; you can filter the air, heat, cool and humidify all in the same system. Every other type is limited and would require you to get a second system for air conditioning.

What types of home heating systems are there?

There are several types of heating systems, including hot water systems with boilers and radiators, natural gas, electric, oil and forced air systems. Hot water systems - hot water circulates through pipes throughout the house, is very old technology. Electric and natural gas are most efficient and clean.
What goes into home heating system maintenance?

It is important to make sure your system's filters are clean. Filters should be checked on a monthly basis. People that live in the city, have pets, or who smoke inside should check them even more often.

What do people need to look out for?

Having a maintenance agreement with the company from which you bought the system is always a good idea. Ideally, your system should be inspected about twice a year to check for anything that could cause a problem. But of course, if you notice that heating and cooling has stopped working as well in your home, don't wait for your next scheduled inspection to have the problem evaluated.

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Energy Efficient Ways to Heat a Home

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In today's modern age, there are a many energy efficient ways to heat a home.

It is much easier too and convenient too. A thermostat controls the heat, raising and lowering the heat throughout the course of the day.

Forced air furnaces create a dry heat that can crack and flake skin and chap lips. Many like the subtle humidity created by a boiler, it's more comfortable.

And, when comparing heating bills, the hot-water method is no more or less costly than other forms of heating.

But boilers aren't as common as they once were. When it comes to heating, forced air furnaces are the most popular.

The big push is to get people to install high-efficiency furnaces to help homeowners make their home energy efficient.

Heat pumps are becoming an increasingly popular and energy efficient way to heat a home. The electrical device transfers heat from one location to another.

A heat pump can be 250% efficient when compared to a gas furnace.

As for boilers, manufacturers now produce high efficiency models that are less expensive in the market place.

Because they are starting to become more mainstream, more common, the price is going down.

Providing heat is one thing, but it's another to keep the warmth inside.

There are quick and easy ways for people to maximize their energy efficiency. He said plastic can be stretched over windows to minimize the amount of cold air that seeps inside. Unfinished basement are a cold magnet, drawing warmth from the rest of the home. Insulating and putting drywall on the walls and carpeting the floor to reduce heat loss.

For information on high efficiency ways to heat your home, contact Tidewater Service.

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