Selling Luxury Items Through Direct Mail

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Question: How do you sell luxury watches and some of the finest clothes in the world?

Answer: Through the mail, of course.

How about a 24-day, $66,950 private jet excursion?

Same answer.

The prestigious, exclusive travel company uses direct mail to get the message out about its luxurious trips by private jet, where consumers can travel around the world and explore ancient civilizations.

To attract high-end customers, the company mails a 20-page packet complete with vivid pictures and detailed trip information. A representative from the exclusive travel company said, “We know from our travelers that the print catalog is still a very valued piece. Many of our travelers use our catalogs to browse and get ideas and then may opt to book by phone or make their reservation online, so direct mail is very much an important part of our overall strategy.”

Direct Mail’s Three Distinct Advantages

Marketing through direct mail affords three distinct advantages.

  • Direct mail allows luxury retailers to specifically target buyers by income level, so they can extend offers exclusively to individuals who are financially able to accept those offers.
  • Commodities with a high single-transaction value are well suited to direct mail, as low response rates aren’t an issue when fewer sales are needed to offset the expense of the mailing.
  • Direct mail can provide access to data, allowing retailers to identify people who may have purchased the same or similar items in the past, and send them a letter.

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