The Paper You Choose for Brochures and Flyers Makes a Difference

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Every business needs printed brochures and flyers. Professional design and calls to action are of no importance if you choose the wrong paper. The paper you choose for your brochures and flyers makes a difference and an impression.

Optimize the impact of your business flyer by using the right paper.
Gloss and dull stock paper are both coated papers. Gloss stock paper is a coated paper with a shiny finish. Full color photographs, images and graphics appear more vivid when printed on it.
Dull stock paper is a coated stock with a non-glossy finish. Text is easier to read on dull paper.  If your brochure is text intensive, 80# dull text might be the right choice. Similar to dull stock paper is silk stock. Silk stock paper fits between gloss and dull in its finish. Matte stock is similar to dull, with a slightly different feel.

Most brochures and flyers are printed on 80 # gloss text stock. Depending on your needs and budget 70# and 100# gloss text can be equally good choices.

For assistance in designing, printing and choosing the paper for your brochures and flyers, contact Blue Hill Press.

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