The Value of Sales Sheets to your business

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Marketing can take up most of your business budget. Because marketing is critical for building brand name and recognition, it is important to use effective, attractive, and compelling marketing materials. Sales sheets are a great way to provide information about your products or services. Sales sheets or mini brochures are a four-panel, double sized business card. They can showcase your business in full color and tell a story. What do you do when a prospective customer asks for information about your products or services? Develop a one-page product or service sales sheet. You will find lots of uses for it: trade shows, leave-behinds for sales appointments, and packing inserts. You can also send them in response to phone or e-mail requests.

Your business can feature your products and services on a sales sheet in a way that a standard business card cannot. Today's business and marketing goals are to get your message across. But you need to look for ways to do this that give you the best value for your advertising dollar while combining quality and price. A sales sheet does this by stimulating business and attracting attention. Add photographs, pricing information and a call to action to pique customer appeal and you have a piece of marketing material that is able to present your products and services in the most compelling and cost effective way.

Lastly, make sure the print quality is aligned with the image and value you are trying to project.

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