Upscale Department Stores Choose Direct Mail to Sell Luxury Items

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This is the second half of the article from last week, which addresses selling luxury items through direct mail marketing.

A look at how luxury-oriented department stores incorporate direct mail into their marketing mix finds an array of techniques to pull in consumers and showcase the quality of their merchandise:

Direct mail serves as the focal point of a prominent department store’s multichannel campaign that features barcodes, online, mobile, social media and catalog touch points. The company has placed mobile barcodes on almost every page of its women’s and men’s catalogs, which allow consumers to learn more about the items featured in the catalog. Additionally, underneath each QR Code, there is an SMS call to action.

A two-part catalog showcases a department store’s urban, edgy spirit. The catalog is made with a thicker-weight paper and is bound. Its unique fold-out mechanism is also helpful to differentiate the catalog from other retailers.

Mail steers consumers to another luxury retail chain’s blog, mobile site, stores and website using touch points in its catalog. The retailer implements calls-to-action to its blog via barcodes while also drawing consumers to its store to check out the season’s newest looks. The catalog is double-sided and includes editorial, interviews and fashion analysis.

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