Upscale Department Stores Choose Direct Mail to Sell Luxury Items

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This is the second half of the article from last week, which addresses selling luxury items through direct mail marketing.

A look at how luxury-oriented department stores incorporate direct mail into their marketing mix finds an array of techniques to pull in consumers and showcase the quality of their merchandise:

Direct mail serves as the focal point of a prominent department store’s multichannel campaign that features barcodes, online, mobile, social media and catalog touch points. The company has placed mobile barcodes on almost every page of its women’s and men’s catalogs, which allow consumers to learn more about the items featured in the catalog. Additionally, underneath each QR Code, there is an SMS call to action.

A two-part catalog showcases a department store’s urban, edgy spirit. The catalog is made with a thicker-weight paper and is bound. Its unique fold-out mechanism is also helpful to differentiate the catalog from other retailers.

Mail steers consumers to another luxury retail chain’s blog, mobile site, stores and website using touch points in its catalog. The retailer implements calls-to-action to its blog via barcodes while also drawing consumers to its store to check out the season’s newest looks. The catalog is double-sided and includes editorial, interviews and fashion analysis.

For assistance printing and designing direct mail catalogs, contact Blue Hill Press.

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Selling Luxury Items Through Direct Mail

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Question: How do you sell luxury watches and some of the finest clothes in the world?

Answer: Through the mail, of course.

How about a 24-day, $66,950 private jet excursion?

Same answer.

The prestigious, exclusive travel company uses direct mail to get the message out about its luxurious trips by private jet, where consumers can travel around the world and explore ancient civilizations.

To attract high-end customers, the company mails a 20-page packet complete with vivid pictures and detailed trip information. A representative from the exclusive travel company said, “We know from our travelers that the print catalog is still a very valued piece. Many of our travelers use our catalogs to browse and get ideas and then may opt to book by phone or make their reservation online, so direct mail is very much an important part of our overall strategy.”

Direct Mail’s Three Distinct Advantages

Marketing through direct mail affords three distinct advantages.

  • Direct mail allows luxury retailers to specifically target buyers by income level, so they can extend offers exclusively to individuals who are financially able to accept those offers.
  • Commodities with a high single-transaction value are well suited to direct mail, as low response rates aren’t an issue when fewer sales are needed to offset the expense of the mailing.
  • Direct mail can provide access to data, allowing retailers to identify people who may have purchased the same or similar items in the past, and send them a letter.

For help printing and designing your direct mail marketing campaign, contact Blue Hill Press. And, be sure to see the second half of this article next week.

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Direct Mail is a Powerful Tool

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Direct mail can be a powerful marketing tool.  But you need to approach the direct mail campaign with objectives, careful thought into how you will get your message across, and a few fundamentals. Here are some tips:

1. Send to a targeted audience

Direct mail is a more targeted approach of advertising. There are ways to narrow down your mailing list.  There are list rentals which can be broken down in ways ranging from geographical location to job title. Blue Hill Press can even provide a mailing list for you based on your specific demographic parameters.. You can also send a direct mail piece to your existing database of customers and/or prospects. Postage can be expensive, so Blue Hill Press offers an in-house mailing department where we CASS certify your mailing list and apply bar-coded addresses, so you get the lowest postage rate for automated mailing.

2. Offer an incentive to the recipient

There are countless ways to inspire people to look a little further. The right kind of message, an out-of-the-box approach, a simple incentive like a dollar bill, or a more complex give-away that will grab attention all are great ways to make sure your direct mail piece has some staying power.

3. Make it interactive

Direct mail no longer needs to be a one-way path for communication. Invite recipients to engage with you. There are numerous ways to do this, and an integrated campaign gives you the opportunity to use different channels to support each other. For example, your direct mail piece could entice people to join your Facebook page. Using QR codes to link to videos or to a live introduction from someone at your company can enrich what used to be a very two-dimensional marketing tactic. An interactive direct mail piece means a memorable direct mail piece.

4. Make sure you measure

For direct mail, the easiest way to begin to measure the success of your campaign is to incorporate a response mechanism into the concept. If people respond then you at least know that your piece was seen and that the recipient took enough time to actually engage with your message. See if the respondents are willing to take that next step and nurture them from there.

If you approach direct mail with thought, clear objectives, and ways to nurture leads and measure the effectiveness of the campaign, your company can realize many benefits. For assistance, contact Blue Hill Press.

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Brochures with Graphics Help Spread Your Message

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We don’t read. Be sure when you spend money on brochures that you put just as much efforts into your graphics. Your images that you use on your printed materials need to be created to capture attention. For more bang for your buck, your images then need to be professionally printed for maximum impact.
You have heard that an picture speaks a thousand words, we want you image to make one thousand dollars. When you need to sell, persuade, announce a new product, the way to do it is with the right graphic on professionally printed brochures or sales sheets.
At Blue Hill Press our graphic design department can help you convey your message to your audience.

Our expert designers can:

  • create original designs, layouts and logos
  • enhance your layout for a more professional look
  • receive your files easily via FTP server
  • scan your photos and digitize images

Images are powerful tools of communication that allow your brochures to convey the necessary information and value proposition. Contact The Blue Hill Press state-of-the-art graphics design department for assistance.

The Paper You Choose for Brochures and Flyers Makes a Difference

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Every business needs printed brochures and flyers. Professional design and calls to action are of no importance if you choose the wrong paper. The paper you choose for your brochures and flyers makes a difference and an impression.

Optimize the impact of your business flyer by using the right paper.
Gloss and dull stock paper are both coated papers. Gloss stock paper is a coated paper with a shiny finish. Full color photographs, images and graphics appear more vivid when printed on it.
Dull stock paper is a coated stock with a non-glossy finish. Text is easier to read on dull paper.  If your brochure is text intensive, 80# dull text might be the right choice. Similar to dull stock paper is silk stock. Silk stock paper fits between gloss and dull in its finish. Matte stock is similar to dull, with a slightly different feel.

Most brochures and flyers are printed on 80 # gloss text stock. Depending on your needs and budget 70# and 100# gloss text can be equally good choices.

For assistance in designing, printing and choosing the paper for your brochures and flyers, contact Blue Hill Press.