Tips on Creating Direct Mail that Stands Out

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Mailboxes are receiving a stream of direct mail messages. Therefore, it is important that your company creates direct mail postcards that stand out. Here are 7 quick tips on creating an eye-catching direct mail marketing message.

1. Look great on paper. Your direct mail marketing efforts are a reflection of your brand. Make sure your logo and any constant design themes are present. Stick with your brand and make your company look great on paper.

2. Choose the right medium. What will be most effective for your business, such as a brochure or a simple one sheet flyer, is dependent on your industry. However, make sure your message is on professional-grade paper and is of high-quality. Die cuts, the right font choice, and a glossy or matte finish can help you stand out.

3. Have a call-to-action (CTA). If you lack an effective CTA, it’s time for an improvement. Encourage everyone who sees your direct mail message to try a product, visit your site, clip the coupon, enter the contest, etc. to keep them moving down the sales funnel.

4. Write effective copy. Appeal to your audience’s emotions. You want to appeal to your potential customer’s personality before you pitch. Your copy should do the same thing. Your product’s features and benefits should be written for your target audience.

5. Be creative and concise. This applies to both your design and your content. Being creative with word choice is quite alright, but the message needs to come through clearly. You don’t want to confuse your audience. Balance design and copy for a successful direct mailer.

6. Choose the right printer. If you lack experience in direct mail marketing, you need to outsource. An experienced printing company can provide insight into design and strategy. The printer may also be able to provide education on what is effective and what isn’t.

7.  Follow up and integrate. Follow up your first direct mail marketing effort with a second. You can also follow up by using similarly designed and worded email marketing campaigns. Integrate your direct mail designs and copy into your online marketing.

When you use direct mail marketing, stand out from the crowd with a well thought out design and strategy. Consider who your target audience is and create a direct mail campaign that appeals to them. Leave an impression with an effective message and design that grabs readers’ attention and encourages them to take the next step.

For assistance, contact Blue Hill Press.

Environmentally Friendly Brochures Are an Effective Marketing Tool

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Homeowners and business owners are more consciously trying to be “green” than ever before. In business, an environmentally friendly image can very much become part of your marketing efforts and can help boost your profits.

One area where you can show your customers and potential clients that your company is socially responsible is to use recycled and recyclable printing materials. Using an environmentally friendly printing company for your brochure printing is a good way to accomplish this.

But eco-friendly brochures are not only cost effective, they help the environment and show your clients that you have a social conscience as well.  Brochures made with recycled materials are an efficient way for businesses from start-ups to large corporations to attract consumers through an environmentally friendly image. Are you an existing business that wants to update your current image? Recycled and recyclable printed brochures are a great first step.

With all the benefits of brochure marketing, environmentally friendly brochures can be an effective marketing tool. Contact Blue Hill Press for more information.

What to Look for in a Printing Company

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Your business needs printing services; from newsletters to direct mail, from stationery to brochures and pocket folders. Some businesses opt for in-house printing, and others select their printing companies by price. Unfortunately, these are mistakes many businesses make. Your printed materials are the face of your company. Often you are making your very first impression with business stationery or brochures. More often than not, your printed materials are the only way customers interact with your business regularly. You should not skimp on the printing.

Be judicious in selecting your printing company. Not every company is alike. What should you look for?

  • A knowledgeable and experienced team
  • Excellent customer service
  • A company that pays attention to detail
  • Printing and mailing under one roof saves you time and money
  • The latest in printing technology
  • Graphic design department
  • References and samples    
  • An Eco friendly printing company, this is good for the environment and good for your marketing!

You can get all this without looking very far. Located in Canton, MA, Blue Hill Press is your one-stop professional printing company for all of you printing needs, contact us.

What is a Good Response To Direct Mail

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Businesses new to direct mail often wonder what kind of response they should strive for. Percentages are useful for tracking results, but your ultimate goal should be a response that leaves you in the black financially.

Don’t just count initial sales in your direct mail response rate

By counting only responses, you may under-represent the success of your direct mail postcard. Longer term, “a response” can represent more than just the initial sale associated with it. When direct mail creates a repeat customer, a lower response rate can be great.

If your average customer tends to make four purchases per year, just one response may be worth four times what you might have thought in terms of profits.

Determine if your direct mail response rate is realistic

The next question before you mail is whether the response you need to attain is realistic. The surest way to a reliable answer is to test your mailing to a representative mailing list sample. You could also compare notes with others in the direct mail business to see how they have fared with similar mailings.

It’s important to decide what constitutes a good response. If your mailing pulls a response that is profitable.

For help in creating and printing your business direct mail piece, contact Blue Hill Press.

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With Digital Printing, Change the Image or the Message

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Printing a digital based image through a digital print engine, a production caliber inkjet or laser printer, is called digital printing.  It requires no film and no plates, and therefore, the cost of setup is minimal.  This lets you print very small quantities at low cost with very short turn-around time.

In fact, because there are no film and no plates, the output can be modified easily, allowing you to personalize the text or vary the image. With variable image printing, change the image on your printed piece; with variable data printing you can change the text. This way you can personalize every brochure or direct mail piece that you print. Use unique images for different clientele or use the same images and or change the message or salutation.
Digital printing at Blue Hill Press is the ideal solution for direct mail marketing or projects that require personalization.  Black-and-white or full color, we offer a cost-effective alternative to offset printing for your short-run needs without compromising print quality.

When you need to make a great impression with your digital prints, contact us.