Diet after Gastric Bypass Surgery

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You had gastric bypass surgery which made your stomach smaller. Now your body handles food differently. You eat less and in addition, your body doesn’t absorb all the calories from the food you eat.

When you go home from the hospital you will only be able to eat pureed foods for 2 or 3 weeks after the surgery. Slowly you will add soft foods in your diet, then  regular food.

When you first begin eating solid foods you will get full very quickly. Your reduced stomach size will only let you eat about a tablespoonful of food at first.

Over time, your stomach will get slightly larger. Don’t eat more than your doctor or dietician recommends because you don’t want to stretch it. At its largest, your stomach will only hold about a cup of chewed food.

Be sure to chew your food very well and very slowly. Chew it until it is smooth, and take about 20-30 minutes to eat a meal. You will need to drink 8 cups of water throughout the course of the day, but don’t drink while you eat so as not to fill up on water.

You will need to make sure you are getting enough protein, vitamins, and minerals while you are losing weight quickly. But protein may be the most important of these foods after surgery because you need protein to build muscles and to heal well after surgery.

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