$400 off Stoves Fireplace Inserts in October

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Through October, West Sport in Sudbury will be giving you up to $400 back on any Hearthstone wood, gas or pellet burning stove or fireplace insert. Take advantage of the “Fall Home Show Special” on any HearthStone stoves and fireplace inserts fueled by gas, pellet and wood.

Want to see what we have to offer, but can’t make it in to the store? No problem, visit us at the Worcester Fall Home Show in booth #205, October 19 - 21! You can download a free ticket here.

Want to get ready for the cooler nights now? No problem, enjoy the “Fall Home Show Special” all month long!

There is a reason that people love a  fires burning in their fireplaces; cozy, warm, relaxing. Brilliant fires add warmth and a welcoming feel to any room. But wood fires in traditional open fireplaces can be very inefficient. A stove or fireplace insert increases your homes heating efficiency and ambiance.

From modern to traditional, in every size, from cast iron to soapstone to enamel, and you can choose between gas, wood or pellet.  Any HearthStone pellet, wood or gas fueled stove or fireplace insert is up to $400 off through October!

Come see all the beautiful stoves and fireplace inserts on special, and we take care of all of your service and installation needs too. Because at West Sport, we take into consideration your home, your needs, and your lifestyle. And we want you to be warm, with style, for less. Contact us.

Oxygen Therapy for Patients at Home

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Oxygen therapy is a treatment that provides a patient with extra oxygen. Some diseases and
conditions can prevent you from getting enough oxygen from the air.

Oxygen therapy can help you or your loved one function better and be more active longer. With
oxygen therapy, oxygen is supplied in a metal cylinder, as a concentrator or portable. There are
two ways the oxygen is delivered to your lungs. It flows through a tube

  • into the nose from two small plastic tubes that are placed in both nostrils.
  • through a face mask fitted over the nose and mouth.

Oxygen therapy can be provided at home for those patients who do not need to be in the hospital.
If you or a loved one needs oxygen therapy for a chronic condition, contact Boston Home
for your oxygen therapy equipment.

Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

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Kitchen and bathroom renovations top the list of improvements for increasing the value of a home. But this labor-intensive remodeling can get expensive.

Budget-minded homeowners are finding cheaper solutions in the $10,000 to $20,000 range by making do with existing appliances and fixtures, refinishing kitchen cabinets and shopping for bargains.

The cheapest and easiest part of a kitchen overhaul  is changing the countertops.

To reduce costs, you can replace the kitchen cabinet doors with more contemporary designs in a white oak veneer. It is far less expensive to refinish or reface old cabinets.

If the cabinets are in good shape except for their hinges and faded color reface or refinsih. Buying all new cabinets costs three times as much as buying new doors.

For refacing or refinishing kitchen cabinets contact Cabinetry by Kenneth C. Lewis.

Excerpts - Nashua Telegraph

Ways to Fight Against Breast Cancer

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October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Many of the residents of our apartments in Mooresville, NC are looking for ways they can help. Here are a few ideas on how you can help in the fight against Breast Cancer this month.

Pin It To End It - The Avon Foundation for Women has created a Pinterest board to honor and remember women and men who are facing or who have battled breast cancer. Pin photos of a loved one whom breast cancer has taken from us, who is a breast cancer survivor or who is currently fighting the disease and tag the photos with #pinittoendit. For each photo posted and tagged during Breast Cancer Awareness Month the Avon Foundation will donate $5 (and for every re-pin, we'll donate an additional $0.50) up to $100,000 to fund both the Breast Health Outreach Program to improve access to breast health care and  research investigating the role viruses may play in breast cancer. Go to www.avonfoundation.org/pinittoendit to learn more.

Pink Yourself on Facebook - How do you look in pink? For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, why not try on some pink ... on Facebook? The Avon Foundation for Women has developed a Facebook tool to help you promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Visit www.avonfoundation.org/pinkyourself to "pink" your Facebook profile photo. You can tint it pink, or add a pink ribbon, an Avon Breast Cancer Crusade logo or the U.S. Avon Walk  for Breast Cancer slogan, "I'm In It To End It."

Buy Avon Pink Products - The Avon Breast Cancer Crusade's pink ribbon fundraising products donate 100% of net proceeds to the cause. The latest addition is the 20th Anniversary Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Watch, in two different styles and colors, available on Avon.com. The affordable pink ribbon collection features everything from bracelets and ear buds to scarfs and pins. Each product comes with a free breast health resource guide.

Walk and Be "In It To End it" - The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Series celebrates its 10th birthday season in 2012. Join us at the walk in Charlotte (October 27-28).
SOURCE Avon Foundation for Women

Gen Y Should Keep Renting

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Renting is the obvious alternative for someone who is unready for the financial blood-sucking that home ownership entails.

But low vacancy rates have made it a landlord’s market some will say.

Don’t listen, Gen Y. Tough it out in the rental market unless you can truly afford a home, save a down payment.

Home sales are declining in many cities with prices either following along or at least not rising. The right play for people ready to buy a first home is to sit tight and let the market deflate.

Those who don’t have the means to buy a first home are in a tough spot because of our society’s preoccupation with home ownership. Young adults are the segment of the population worst served by this attitude. They can’t afford to buy a house, so they feel inadequate or cheated. Or, they stretch too far to buy a house and get bled dry by the cost.

Renting by no means has to be a permanent choice, although it can be. The key to making it productive is to start an aggressive savings plan while you rent. Estimate the cost of owning a home, subtract the cost of your rent and then put as much of the rest as possible away.

Renting isn’t a quick and easy alternative to buying, though. But when you rent an HHHunt apartment home, we help build your credit record by submitting on-time rental payments to credit agencies.

The rental market is still a better option for Gen Y than buying prematurely. Renting, at least, is a finite expense each month. Housing is infinite – there are fixed costs, plus endless discretionary expenses. Buying is not the solution to difficulties in finding a place to rent, at least not without further price declines. Instead, find a roommate and pool your resources to cut rental costs.

For information on renting an apartment in Roanoke, VA, contact West Wind Apartment Homes.

The Globe and Mail