Recycled Materials Used in New Ford Escape

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Ford described their car at the Jacksonville International Car and Truck Show as a "hunk of junk."

In an effort to be environmentally friendly, the redesign of the popular Ford Escape includes many recycled materials. There is denim in the seats, wheat straw used to reinforce plastics and soy beans that make the headrest.

"Ford's researchers are also working on coconut fiber enforced plastic," Fernando Cenra with Ford Motor Company said. "There's no material that's off limits for researchers. They have great imaginations and great science and they're always at work."

It's unclear exactly what percentage of the car is made out of recycled material, but Ford said on average about 25 used water bottles are built into the interior. In fact, all of the carpeting inside the car is made from recycled plastic bottles.   

The use of recycled materials is intriguing to many drivers who said they are more likely to buy a Ford Escape that's eco-friendly.

"I think it's definitely interesting," Tyler Brown said. "I think if manufacturers can utilize products that we put to waste, then it will be better for the environment and it will reflect better on the company too, as a whole."

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