The 2013 Ford NASCAR Design

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Ford officials unveiled their 2013 NASCAR design, a sleek new Ford Fusion, at the Charlotte Motor Speedway during day two of the annual media tour.

The NASCAR design looks a lot like the Fusion that fans will be able to pick up at the showroom. The car goes back to earlier days when one could differentiate brands on the track.

“It is a special day for Ford," said Ford Racing Director Jamie Allison. "It’s a special day for NASCAR. It’s a special day for all the fans. What a blessed company we are at Ford."

Tuesday's unveiling follows an unprecedented effort on the part of the automaker and the sanctioning body.

"I’ve heard about the win on Sunday and buy on Monday, and I think that could come back," said 2011 Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne. "I’ve been excited to tell my friends about this. I’m 20 years old so this is more of my generation here, but I’m just happy that now I can show them pictures and I think they’ll be excited about it.”

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