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Today, our stressful and fast paced lives lead us to search out ways to stay healthy.  We try to eat organic to keep our cholesterol low, workout regularly to steady sugar levels and find ways to deal with stress to stabilize blood pressure.  We do this to live longer, healthier lives.

What we don’t realize is that a big part of our health has to do with the alignment of our body.  In fact, over 75 million Americans have a misaligned body due to an improper bite.   This is not just about how “straight” our teeth are but how they come together in harmony with the muscles and joints. Our organism is made up of bones, muscles and various other structures that are in an inter-relationship.  This means that if one part is out of alignment, the rest of the body is thrown out of alignment.  So when our jaw is out of alignment causing an improper bite, pain and discomfort start affecting us beyond just the face and neck areas.  This discomfort can prohibit us from following our health regimens and decrease the quality and longevity of a healthy lifestyle.   

“New research shows that by relaxing the muscles of the face and neck areas, the bite naturally flows into the correct position” says Dr. Evetta Shwartzman of Canton, MA.   “Just by doing this, we restore the balance of our musculoskeletal system and relieve symptoms we didn’t even know stemmed from this imbalance.  These symptoms include headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, jaw discomfort and many more” adds Dr. Konstantin Ronkin of Canton, MA.   

By relieving these symptoms we are improving our quality of life.  We wake up more refreshed, we have the ability to participate in healthy activities, we actually chew our food better allowing for healthier digestion and we even experience less stress.  

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