EPS Finds Creative Transformer Cooling Solution, The Back Bay Black-Out Boston MA

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The unforgettable March blackout of Boston’s Back Bay was the largest power outage in decades. ElecComm Power Services provided support and services to the area, solely organizing and executing every aspect of supplying temporary power to the district.

The task was large; diverse obstacles arose making the task of supplying temporary power to the neighborhood a challenge. As summer-like weather called for New England temperatures to be in the mid-80’s, EPS prepared for possible heat related failures as they continued the power relief effort. Just as predicted, a secondary transformer started heating up while taking on more and more of the district’s power demand off of EPS generators.

The transformer was found in a confined space discharging 11 million BTU worth of heat. The small room that housed the electrical device and the limited space of the city’s narrow street made standard cooling methods impossible to achieve. Instead, EPS devised a plan to cool the fins of the transformer by supplying 100 tons of A/C, creating 64,000 CFM of cold air across the fins to simulate winter-like conditions during the unseasonably warm weather.

Because of the prompt, safe, and efficient action of ElecComm Power Services, the transformer was cooled and remains in operation. EPS efficiently adapted to the difficult situation and properly managed obstacles caused by extreme heat, unpredictability of weather, unusual environment, and limited space. The cooling of the transformer will continue for the next few months.

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