Fourth of July Flag Recipe

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Fruit Flag

You are hosting the 4th of July BBQ. You have ribs, chicken, potato salad, six different kinds of cake, and nothing healthy for the kids or anyone else for that matter. You don’t want to put on ten pounds in one weekend. As well, you want the kids to eat healthy, which is hard enough as it is especially since; you know the kids are good for hiding their fruits and veggies in their napkins and disposing of them. Take one of your cakes off the menu and replace it with this. It will look so cool to kids they will eat it up.

Fourth of July Flag Recipe

  1. Cut in halves the strawberries and 58 banana slices.
  2. Squeeze lemon juice on the banana slices and then place the strawberries on top of the bananas,
  3. Arrange 30 large blackberries, as shown, in the upper left corner of a serving tray or cutting board (it should be at least 8 by 13 inches).


  • 29 large strawberries
  • 30 large blackberries
  • 7 or so large bananas
  • Lemon juice

Now the website where I got this recipe is going for a different look than the picture shown here; so please click on the highlighted link above for more pictures and tips.

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