Local Shopping Promotes Small Business and Boosts the Local Economy

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Every community has locally owned small businesses, and Lexington Park, MD is no exception. When you have errands to run, items to buy for your apartment home, or gifts to purchase, consider the privately and locally owned shops and stores in our neighborhood.

Why should you shop local? Shopping locally promotes our community's small businesses and helps keep dollars in our local economy. It is true that locally owned businesses keep more of their revenue in the local economy than chain stores. Of course, supporting the small businesses in your neighborhood also supports local jobs and keeps business in the community.

Locally owned and operated small businesses employ neighbors and reinvests money close to home. Small, Locally owned businesses are run by entrepreneurs and are the heartbeat of our communities and local economies. Our country thrives off of the innovation of entrepreneurs. As a nation, small businesses fuel our economic prosperity. So for your next purchase, try to forgo the mall, and shop local.

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