Many Vermont Casting and Quadra-Fire Woodstove Clearance Opportunities Remain

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We received feedback from customers that our specials on Vermont Casting Wood Pellet Stove are simply the best buying opportunity across the entire region.  The same is being said of our great deals on Quadra-Fire Gas Stoves.  Of  course we already knew this to be true, but it is great to receive your independent confirmation.

Take a look at our “Specials Page” and you will see that there are plenty of exceptional offerings still out there.  For instance, the St. Croix York Pellet Stove is still available at a STEEP 25% discount.  Vermont Casting products are still available at 20% discounts with floor models being offered at even better savings yet.   

Stop by or call (508) 969-4844 to discuss the wide range of clearance opportunities that are still available.  

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