On-site Air Conditioner Rental

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commercial air conditioner rental

As the owner of a business, it's alright for you to get agitated when your industrial air conditioning system malfunctions.  No need to worry, as you can rent commercial air conditioners to fit any need during everyday of your work week.

You may rent air conditioners for a day or as long as you need to. These air conditioner rentals can be used for many varying business or industry situations, it can also be used for event venues as well.  During home emergencies on a hot summer season, it can temporarily replace a defective in-house air conditioner unit.  It can also server as an air conditioning unit for outdoor events.

Air conditioners could vary from 1 ton capacity to 50 ton capacity. While the lower range of air conditioners have thermostatic control and are rated for outdoor use, the 5 ton Voyager is very quiet in operation and has a two stage heater.

There maybe a time you might need captive power in the form of generators to power the air conditioner that you have rented. Such requirements are also met and you could order the generating set that could give you as much as 2000 kW output. This would be akin to a turnkey arrangement that could be arranged.

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