Portable Toilets leave a lasting impression

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Portable Toilets leave a lasting impression

Is there anything worse than being at the ball field, a lake, or the community beach and having to use one of those portable toilets?  I don’t think so ... at least most of the time.  As you spend more time with your kids at these municipal fields and parks you start to recognize the names on the doors of these portable restrooms ... especially the ones who don’t service their equipment and always make you cringe.

Municipalities should really take into consideration that it is their name that gets the bad reputation first before the portable toilet company. Parents in Sudbury don’t like it when we have to take our kids out of town for a game, especially when we know from previous experience that it’s a town that doesn’t have a service contract with the portable toilet company.  As parents we certainly remember that lasting impressions and feeling of cringing!

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