Realtors Need a Value Added Real Estate Attorney

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Realtors Need a Value Added Real Estate Attorney

By Kiley Black

There are many value added services which a real estate law firm can provide to realtors. However, it is not just monetary services you should provide to your clients, the whole customer service package enhances your value and keeps repeat business and referrals coming back to you. When home buyers and sellers see that you have their interests in mind, and that you surround yourself with others throughout the process that have their interests in mind, they remember you when they or someone they know has a real estate transaction. It is important in this age of technology, information, and the tightening dollar to show value for your services.

Providing a real estate attorney that does E-recording and declarations of homestead can figure into your value proposition. E-recordings allow the transfer of the deeds and paperwork to be done while the closing is still taking place.

This in turn, gets the funds transferred faster, the recording of documents is accelerated, and it eliminates a big headache for the realtor. As the real estate market heats up, in addition to the fact that traditionally spring brings with it an increase in home sales, realtors will benefit from no longer having to go to the Registry for closings. This is very beneficial when you have back to back closings. There are very few law offices in Massachusetts which are able to do e-recordings and Black and Buono is one of them. Additionally, the costly overhead of traditional submission and recordation methods is reduced with e-recordings, therefore providing superior service to your clients, while saving them money and time.

We will also provide to your clients Declarations of Homestead for no additional fee. The Declaration of Homestead allows your clients to protect their property up to five hundred thousand dollars of the value per residence, per family. This service is also provided by Black and Buono at no extra fee. If you are a realtor looking to expand your service level to your clients, contact Black and Buono in Framingham.

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