Restaurants around Raleigh

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Raleigh is host to an array of authentic and eclectic restaurants serving hearty, delicious eats. If you live in an apartment in Garner, NC you certainly have your fair share of choices to dine. Where can you go to find a meal as described above? Well there are certainly plenty of places to visit, but here are some restaurants that have caught the eyes of Raleigh locals.

Busy Bee Café

In the heart of downtown, you’ll find a place that offers good food, good beer and good times. Known for its impressive selection of assorted craft beers and distinctive burgers, Busy Bee Café is, “the neighborhood bar that your friends come to.”

“The intent of our food that we serve is meant to be casual dishes that compliment the beers we serve. Our menu is primarily based off of the beer,” the owner, Lockwood said. Apart from its food and distinguished label as the connoisseur of beers, Busy Bee Café offers a welcoming and diverse environment. It’s a place where you can enjoy good times with a good meal and a great drink.

Caffé Luna

This is one of downtown Raleigh’s authentic Italian restaurants—Caffé Luna can simply be described as a slice of Italy. Utilizing fresh and true ingredients alongside the culinary skills of an Italian chef, the restaurant creates dishes that you could only find and taste within the heart of Italy.

One of its most popular and original items on the menu is lasagna. An old Italian favorite, Caffé Luna’s lasagna is a filling dish staying true to its traditional roots. For the vegetarian and vegan crowd out there, a hot-selling dish is the portobello ripieno, consisting of portobello mushrooms stuffed with gorgonzola cheese and tomatoes.

Lilly’s Pizza

For some seasoned pizza-lovers, Raleigh has got a place to please your hankering for a creative pizza experience. Located within the Five Points neighborhood is a little venue called Lilly’s Pizza.

Whether customers prefer a simple, traditional cheese pizza or are a bit more daring, Lilly’s has a pie for everyone. For all the vegetarians, vegans and celiacs out there, don’t feel left out, because there are plenty of options to choose from.

If customers feel that none of Lilly’s pies appeal to their desires, the menu allows them to get creative and construct their own. “We evolve within our own dynamic with simple goals of being fresh and whole-foods oriented and also to ensure a fun experience,” Jon Garrison, owner of Lilly’s Pizza, said. “Our customers appreciate this; the lines on weekends will attest.”

After this guide to downtown Raleigh restaurants, anyone should be ready to ravish all that local dining has to offer.


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