Salty Tidwater Air Destroys Homeowners Heat Eight Year Old Heat Exchanger and Endangers Family

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We want to follow-up on our October 13 blog post that addressed how a professional air conditioning and heating inspection can save your family's life.  In that blog post we talked about the damage that the corrosive salty Hampton Roads air can have on your outside HVAC systems.  Well, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

After reading the blog post, we received a call from a home owner who requested a HVAC safety inspection and heating system tune up.  Although his home is only eight years old (built in 2003), he thought it prudent to put safety first and have the unit inspected.  What you see pictured here is the heat exchanger that we replaced for him. He was shocked at the unit's condition.  We weren't nearly as surprised as we discover rapid deterioration of the low-quality "builder's grade" systems that serve new homes throughout Tidewater Service's service area.  

Without doubt this heat exchanger was seriously degrading the quality of the air that entered the household and threatened the entire family's safety.  Since even low-quality builder's grade HVAC heat exchangers are typically guaranteed for 10-years or more, we were able to procure the replacement part under warranty. 

So the message is clear.  A professional HVAC inspection and tune up will not only improve the safety of your home, give you peace of mind, save you big money on reduced energy costs, but can also literally save you thousands of dollars on expensive repairs. This case is a perfect example.

For all these reasons, call Tidewater Service and schedule your professional air conditioning and heating system inspection today!

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