Septic Tank Pumping

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A septic system is an underground wastewater treatment system that is used to dispose of household wastewater. If you have a septic system, maintenance is required to keep it running efficiently and this includes having your septic tank pumped regularly. How often you get your septic tank pumped depends on the size of your tank, how many rooms are in your house, and the number of people living there. It is recommended that you have it pumped every 1 to 3 years. The more a tank is used, the shorter the time should be between tank pumping. If you're unsure of when your tank needs to be pumped again, call Northeast Sanitation and we will help you determine what schedule is best for you based on the above factors and the septic system codes in your area.

Following a few easy maintenance tasks and having your septic tank pumped regularly will preserve your septic system for 20-30 years. Having to replace your septic tank is extremely expensive, so avoid it by properly using and maintaining your septic system. Northeast Sanitation will pump your septic system and they will also help you maintain that system by sending you future reminders to ensure that you are on the proper septic tank cleaning schedule for your home.

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