Thanksgiving Fitness

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Thanksgiving Fitness ... by Karli Taylor

Can you believe that it’s almost Thanksgiving??? I'm sure those of you who are preparing your family feast are already starting to plan your menu- so today I want to offer some suggestions to help make this year's feast a little easier on the waistline.

By making just a few simple substitutions, you can make a traditional Turkey Day feast without overdoing the fat and calories.

When making mashed potatoes, try using skim milk instead of whole  and either non-fat plain yogurt or non-fat plain sour cream instead of butter. Like the butter flavor? Use half butter and half sour cream- OR - use something like Molly Mc Butter to get the flavor and not the fat. If you want to cut down on your starches, try making mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes.

Do you make yams with brown sugar? Try using half of the amount of sugar and adding either peaches or mandarin oranges to the dish for sweetness- make sure you use the ones canned in juice and not syrup!

If you really want to save calories, instead of making both mashed and sweet potatoes, why don't you make mashed sweet potatoes? They have become one of my favorites over the years. This way you can have a dinner roll or two without feeling too guilty.

What other traditional dishes do you make and how do you think you can make them lighter? I'm sure everyone will be thankful for the tips when they don't have to unbutton their pants at the dinner table.
What if you are a guest and have no say as to how the dinner is prepared? What can you do to make things easier on your belt buckle without acting funny at the dinner table?

  • Eat slowly! Take your time between mouthfuls- you will get full on less food.  If this is challenging for you, take a sip of water in between bites to occupy yourself.  You’ll be surprised how much this trick slows you down.
  • Choose white meat instead of dark meat, and take off the skin.
  • Pick one kind of potato- no need for both.
  • Don't eat things you can have anytime- splurge on things that you only get once or twice a year and ENJOY them.
  • Fill your plate with Veggies.
  • Use condiments sparingly- you would be surprised how many calories you will save by just being conscious.
  • Help with the dishes- walking back and forth to clear the table will help get your metabolism going again and will keep you from picking after you are full

Any tips to share?

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