What size septic tank do you need

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What size septic tank do you need?

If you are installing a new septic system there are many items you need and many things you need to know. You need septic lines, a septic tank, a permit from the town, and the location where the tank is going to be installed. Location is determined through what is known as a percolation test, how fast clean water returns to the water table. The size of the tank is the other factor that needs to be determined and this can be decided a couple different ways; through water usage or based on the size of the home.  The most productive and efficient way of determining size is to base it on water usage in the home.

Calculations by Water Usage
Based on the total water usage of a home, the following is the expert and local government recommended tank size:
  • Up to 500 gallons per day: 900 gallon tank
  • Up to 700 gallons per day: 1,200 gallon tank
  • Up to 900 gallons per day: 1,500 gallon tank
  • Up to 1,240 gallons per day: 1,900 gallon tank
Calculations by House Size
This type of calculation assumes that all rooms in the home will be used. The following is the expert and local government recommended tank size based on calculating the house size:
  • One or two bedrooms: 750 gallon tank
  • Three bedrooms: 1,000 gallon tank
  • Four bedrooms: 1,200 gallon tank
  • Five or six bedrooms: 1,500 gallon tank

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